Residential Energy Auditor | Full Time

Category: Environmental Products/Services

Location: 85 Swift Street, South Burlington, VT, USA

ABOUT THE POSITION:                  

At Vermont Gas Systems (VGS), the Residential Energy Auditor is a vital part of the Energy Efficiency team, working to lower energy costs, reduce carbon footprints, and ensure more comfortable, productive and healthier homes and businesses for our 55,000 customers. This role carries out energy audits and field evaluations of residential energy efficiency and building performance projects and also produces customer and/or internal reports regarding results of analysis of this field data.


  • Perform energy audits in the field for VGS residential customers, including but not limited to measuring building dimensions and checking the construction, condition and insulating value of building components (i.e. windows, doors, walls, etc.); Inventorying space and water heating equipment and appliances; performing blower door and combustion efficiency testing to determine air infiltration and operating efficiency of building and heating equipment respectively.
  • Develop potential retrofit measures list based on field data, screen measure cost-effectiveness, and prepare customer reports.
  • Perform quality control inspections of installation contractors and participating builders. Including site visits during installations, and visual and/or measured verification of completed installations, to ensure that job specifications are met, and customers are satisfied.
  • Assist Energy Services Manager to continually seek the means to enhance program delivery and ensure program cost-effectiveness.
  • Stay current with trade publications, on-line sources, professional contacts, and training opportunities to keep abreast of industry trends and developments.
  • Other duties as required or requested.


  • Technical Knowledge:    Expertise in residential energy usage analysis and energy conservation retrofit methods and techniques as demonstrated by ability to apply knowledge of currently accepted practices in residential energy conservation to actual projects through energy audits, development of specifications, and inspections, and to explore the development of new techniques that may improve the success of VGS’ programs.  Expertise in energy-efficient residential new construction building practices including installation, effectiveness, and related implications of energy-efficient new construction practices.  A working knowledge of gas fundamentals and codes.
  • Problem Solving:  Ability to identify and resolve complex, interrelated residential building performance issues relating to moisture, indoor air quality, and energy usage.   Ability to perform high level diagnostic testing of building performance and to identify appropriate testing for unusual situations.
  • Interpersonal Skills:    Mediation and negotiating skills for resolving disputes between customers, VGS, and contractors.  Ability to evaluate and strive to achieve VGS’ needs in conflicts while respecting other parties to achieve satisfaction for all.
  • Organizational Skills Ability to maintain entry level organizational standards while simultaneously pursuing special projects such as monitoring and evaluation, research, teaching/training, reporting, etc.
  • Accountability:   Capability to assume primary responsibility for assuring sufficient cost-effective production to meet VGS’ residential program goals while providing a very high level of customer satisfaction.

These skills are normally acquired with a bachelor’s degree in building science engineering or related field and one year experience in residential energy conservation plus two to four years of experience in related building trades.

Physical Demands/Work Conditions

  • Frequently – Sit; work on computer; and use both hands for simple grasping.
  • Occasionally – Walk; drive; bend; climb; squat; reach above shoulder level; twist; and use both hands for power grasping and object manipulation.
  • Frequently lift up to 10 lbs. and occasionally lift between 10-50 lbs.
  • Occasionally work outdoors.  Exposure to weather conditions including extreme cold; and to dust, fumes, gases, chemicals, etc. Walking on uneven ground; working at heights; and working in confined spaces.


We are committed to building a work community that is inclusive and represents a vibrant diversity of background, experience, perspective, and thought. Chances are, if you are considering applying for this position, you have transferable skills that will help you be successful in this role. Candidates across all markers of identity (age, race, gender, ability, communication style, etc.) are highly encouraged to apply, even if every skill requirement does not match perfectly, because we believe in continuous improvement and support our employees in achieving goals and objectives.


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