Sojourns Community Health Clinic

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner | Part Time

Category: Health Care/Personal Care

Location: 4923 U.S. Route 5, Westminster, VT, USA

Sojourns Community Health Clinic

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Job Summary

The role of the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (Nurse) is to provide healthcare to patients with a variety of demographics and health needs. As a nonprofit integrative care clinic in a rural setting, our practitioners are well-versed in how to offer care to people with a variety of backgrounds, ages and stages of health.


This person reports to the clinic’s Medical Director.


Schedule and Salary

16-24 hours / week (2-3 days)


Must Have

  • Valid VT APRN license – family practice
  • Compassion, kindness, patience, persistence, optimism
  • Honest desire to help others
  • Strong focus, organization, communication, writing, problem solving and creative thinking skills


Job Responsibilities

Patient Care and Clinical Visit

  • Welcome patients to the clinic with first office visits, and continued visits, orienting them to Sojourns and creating a healing space for their concerns
  • Listen to patients as individuals, including their social history, values, and health goals
  • Collect, discuss, review, and understand family medical history, personal health history, ongoing health concerns, health conditions, current diagnosis, medications, allergies
  • Understand how patients currently care for their body, mind, and spirit
  • Educate patients on
    • foundations of health
    • maintaining health through prevention / screenings
    • healing as a journey that takes time
  • Encourage patients to listen to their bodies and report symptoms and feelings openly
  • Build trust and connection
  • Educate patients on their role in their health care
  • Serve as a translator between the person and their body, help them understand what systems need support, what the symptom may mean
  • Observe their body and mind through exams and labs to identify signs and symptoms they may not realize are meaningful
  • Discuss costs of medical care and lab costs with patients, as well as their financial concerns and restraints, insurance paradigm, current health care knowledge on the concern, specialist, referrals, identify obstacles to their wellness and treatment
  • Once you identify what is preventing a patient from optimal wellness and / or what their current condition is, work with them to create a sustainable health / treatment plan that aligns with their goals and values, and that manages or eliminates their symptoms
  • Guide management and treatment of medical conditions with natural and or conventional interventions or collaborate with specialist
  • Encourage questions and collaboration from patients, as well as self-study and research
  • Monitor patient progress, educating them as to what to monitor; redirect / reassess as needed
  • Provide emotional support, guidance, and compassion to them while they work towards optimal health and healing and implementing the treatment or health plan
  • Participate in daily practitioner meetings



Other Duties

  • Be available for patients in a timely manner
  • Create bills for services
  • Chart and document visits and other patient interactions
  • Answer patient questions via emails or phone calls
  • Interpret labs, order labs, follow up on labs
  • Follow up on specialist referrals and emergency / urgent visits
  • Communicate with other practitioners, research conditions, research treatments, continue to learn as a practitioner through continuing education, sit with uncertainty and unknowing as the process above takes place
  • Work with support staff to communicate patient care needs
  • Support staff as much as possible in a kind way, offering positive feedback and expressing gratitude



  • Support newer clinicians at the office
  • Meet with other clinicians daily and work together to share knowledge and grow collective knowledge


Additional skills:

  • Proficiency in medical terminology and documentation
  • Strong clinical skills, including the ability to perform physical examinations and acute care procedures
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a healthcare team


Please note that this job description is not exhaustive and additional responsibilities may be assigned as needed.



  • One free chiropractic appointment per month
  • Discount on healthcare services
  • 25-30% discount for apothecary products
  • Employee paid options for 401k (provided by ADP) and insurance (provided by AFLAC), including: dental, life, accident, vision, cancer, and short-term disability
  • Free attendance at Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Chamber of Commerce and other networking events
  • 8 paid holidays per year (New Year’s, MLK, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and day after, and Christmas)
  • PTO



Deadline: January 31, 2024 12:00 am

To Apply:

Please send thoughtful cover letter and resume to COO, Cheryl Sanctuary, at by January 31, 2024.