Sojourns Community Health Clinic

Physical Therapist | Part Time

Category: Health Care/Personal Care

Location: 4923 U.S. 5, Westminster, VT, USA


Job Responsibilities  

  • Consult with patients to learn about their physical condition and symptoms 
  • Diagnose movement dysfunction and developing a treatment plan 
  • Teach patients how to properly use therapeutic exercise techniques 
  • Assist patients with the use of equipment such as wheelchairs or walkers 
  • Maintain patient records and keeping track of goals and progress 
  • Advise the patient and family about in-home treatment options and exercises 

 Each physical therapist on our team offers a unique area of specialty, though we are united in that we offer services that complement other layers of care a patient might be receiving, whether that be primary care, acupuncture or chiropractic. Currently our physical therapists offer manual therapy, orthopedics, lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular retraining, pelvic floor training and exercised based rehabilitation services. The physical therapist that we seek to add to our multidisciplinary team may specialize in after-care for injuries or surgery, and ideally understands and has experience with more integrative manual therapeutic approaches listed above.      


To Apply:

email resume and cover letter to