Retreat Farm

Managing Director of Finance and Administration | Full Time

Category: Non-profit

Location: 45 Farmhouse Square, Brattleboro, VT, USA

Retreat Farm works to foster an equitable, healthy, and sustainable community in southern Vermont. We do this work through a series of integrated programs and initiatives that connect people to the land and each other. We believe that the relationship between humans and the land is the foundation of our health, sustenance, and inspiration. We are stewards, not owners, of these lands. They are the traditional homelands of the Abenaki. We believe that respect for this land and one another and the recognition that we are all in this together are essential for human progress and, indeed, our continued existence on the planet.

Our programs utilize the Farm’s entire 650 acres of farmlands, forests, and waters and build upon partnerships with other farms, businesses, and peer organizations to strengthen the region’s food, health, education, recreation, and other community systems. These lands comprise a vast, resource-rich, and accessible common that is open free to the public year-round.

The Farm is an entrepreneurial environment serving over 40,000 visitors annually. Over 60% percent live within a 50-mile radius, with visitors coming from more than 500 zip codes. Retreat Farm strives to offer an environment that is dynamic, nurturing, informative, and welcoming to all.

Please view the 2021 Retreat Farm Almanac for a full explanation of Retreat Farm’s work and vision. (


The Managing Director of Finance and Administration (MDF) is the principal steward of Retreat Farm’s assets: managing its accounting system, budgets, financial reporting and independent audits; assuring the financial and administrative integrity of and support for its fiscally-sponsored partnerships; ensuring compliance with all regulatory and legal obligations, the propriety of its annual tax obligations, the quality of any leases, and the insurance of all property and liability of the Farm, staff and board; assessing and reporting Retreat Farm’s contributions to the regenerative capital of the community; maintaining and continuously improving the quality and breadth of the Farm’s human resources support services and benefits to staff; and working in partnership with staff and collaborating organizations to develop and communicate shared expectations and policies. The MDF serves as the Farm’s effective Chief Financial Officer.

The MDF should be personable, a skillful communicator, and responsive to the needs of the team and organization. Energetic, self-motivated and detail-oriented, the MDF must maintain excellent records, report regularly and rapidly to the organizations need for financial information, work collaboratively with all members of the Retreat Farm community, and help foster an organization-wide culture of curiosity and learning.



Financial and Impact Management and Reporting

  • Maintain and ensure the integrity and utility of the Farm’s accounting system, financial records, insurance coverage, bank accounts and investments, regular reporting, and ensure accurate independent, annual audits.
  • Establish shared financial ownership across the organization by meeting regularly with operating managers and the board to understand needs, document expenditures, develop the annual operating budget and assess progress, reconcile expenditures with available cashflow, track variances, and adjust projections (if necessary) regularly during the year.
  • Work with Managing Directors and Directors to help them track and report the impact of the Farm with respect to its contributions to the community’s store of regenerative human, natural, civic and economic capital.


Fiscal Sponsorships

The MDF will manage financial, accounting, compliance and reporting systems, ensure the fiscal integrity, and help build the capacity of two highly visible land reclamation initiatives as follows

  • A local afro-indigenous led initiative to establish a farm, educational and healing resources to promote health, justice and food sovereignty of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in our region.
  • An initiative of the southern Vermont Abenaki community to establish and celebrate cultural resources and tribal identity on Retreat Farm property and elsewhere in the region.


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • Manage relations with the state and Town of Brattleboro with respect to property taxes and/or other fees and payments.
  • Ensure compliance with respect to federal, state and local regulations and permits, and grants’ requirements.



  • Oversee HR and other policy and benefits development and ensure proper administration by operating managers and compliance by all staff.
  • Manage and ensure utility of all office systems and equipment.



The MDF will report to the Executive Director, supervise the Accounting Manager and other staff as required, and work closely with the:

  • Managing Director of Impact and Community: responsible for revenue-generation, fundraising, institutional relations, events and gatherings, arts, and marketing;
  • Managing Director of Programs & Stewardship: responsible for farming, forests, trails and waters, education and food-security programs;
  • Director of Philanthropy: responsible for fundraising, donor cultivation, and grants management; and
  • Retreat Farm Board of Directors.



The ideal candidate

  • Has extensive experience in financial and administrative management, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an analytical mind;
  • Is very detail-oriented and responds rapidly to the needs of the staff and board for financial information and support;
  • Can develop sound financial models and projections that support the Farm’s decision-making processes;
  • Has a visceral interest in community development, environmental preservation, social and economic justice;
  • Is a skillful communicator and leader who is collaborative, listens well and distills information, and makes thoughtful recommendations; and
  • Has an innate tendency to help build and contribute to cohesive team of changemakers.


Retreat Farm believes that employees from diverse backgrounds are critical to achieving our goals. We seek to recruit, develop, and retain staff who reflect the diverse communities we serve. All candidates who meet the qualification requirements are encouraged to apply.

Retreat Farm is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, ethnic or national origin, citizenship, age, disability, marital status or sexual orientation.

Retreat Farm requires all employees to maintain up-to-date COVID vaccinations to protect the health and safety of staff members, visitors, and the community from infection. No religious or medical exemptions are permitted in place of vaccination.


To be considered, please provide a resume and cover letter expressing your interest in Retreat Farm.



Founded in 2015, Retreat Farm, Ltd. is an independent 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization. The commitment of the Farm’s staff, board, members, donors, and community of support is essential for maintaining and improving this public resource and making it accessible to the thousands of visitors who find joy and comfort in this space.

Retreat Farm believes that the source of long-term health, sustainability and vitality in any community is its stores of human, natural, civic and economic capital. We believe further that as Retreat Farm works across its nine program areas, it contributes significantly, broadly, and continuously to that human, natural, civic and economic capital and will be a long-term source of ballast, innovation, identity, and cohesion of and for our community. Retreat Farm is an important anchor institution or “anchoring place” for our region.

Human Capital: A prepared, educated, healthy, and motivated population is critical for the long-term health of a community and its enterprises. This capital is reflected in a community’s demographic profile, residents’ health, diversity and inclusivity, educational attainments, and participation in the workforce. Enterprises rely heavily upon a community’s store of human capital. The best build far more human capital than they utilize.

Natural Capital: Access to natural resources — clean air and water, minerals, temperatures that sustain life, healthy soils and ecosystems, etc. — is critical for the survival of our species, as well as for the health of our communities and enterprises. Most enterprises deplete natural capital, but enterprises can use sustainable and regenerative strategies to minimize their negative impact and even contribute positively.

Civil Capital: A broadly participatory and engaged citizenry, instilled with civic or societal values and anchored in life affirming cultural traditions is essential for societal well-being and progress. These stores of civic capital are critical but also quite fragile as we are observing today. Enterprises through their operations and policies can do much to build and/or erode civic capital.

Economic Capital: A community’s store of economic capital resides in the net-worth of its citizens and institutions. It is found also in the quality of the systems e.g., food, Main Street, tourist, roadways, etc., underpinning its economy. Enterprises all have significant opportunities to augment or degrade a community’s economic capital.


To Apply:

To be considered, please send a resume and cover letter to expressing your interest in Retreat Farm.