Center for an Agricultural Economy

Farm Business Planner | Full Time

Category: Agriculture Products/Services

Location: Hardwick, VT, USA

The Center for an Agricultural Economy seeks a Farm Business Planner to serve as the primary provider of services for new and beginning farmers as well as the coordinator for educational workshops and trainings for the farm services clientele. The Farm Business Planner will be responsible for outreach, marketing and education activities related to the farm business services that the Center for an Agricultural Economy provides.

The Farm Business Planner roles and responsibilities may include but also may not be limited to the following

 Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Recruit and enroll farmer and food business participants
  • Lead business plan development with farm clients
    • Provide one-on-one coaching & resources to farm focused businesses
    • Coordinate consultants of technical assistance for a broad range of client needs
  • Conduct evaluations and follow-up support for farm business clients
  • Engage with Farm and Food Business Specialist on projects as needed. Also, collaborate with Specialist and VFVC business services team on collaborative projects and planning.
  • Plan workshops and support them with presenter recruitment, client registration, staff presence and feedback from attendees
  • Communicate impact of farm business services both internally—to ED, to Development Director, to Board of Directors—and externally—to funders, our service population and the public at large—using technology, informational resources, etc.
  • Track business development funding & spending on bi-weekly or monthly basis and support planning and development around new funding opportunities with Financial Manager, Development Manager, and Farm and Food Business Specialist
  • Participate in technical service networks and advance Vermont’s goal of a strong farm and food economy.
  • Represent the Center for an Agricultural Economy’s business services with travel as required
  • Pursue professional development opportunities that enhance service delivery
  • Attend staff meetings, board meetings and special CAE events as necessary
  • Contribute to a highly productive, collaborative and positive work environment

Deadline: November 1, 2019 12:00 am

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