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About VTDigger

VTDigger is a nationally-recognized, digital native nonprofit news organization. We are known for our award-winning investigative reporting, nitty-gritty approach to local and state news, and our entrepreneurial model. At a time when the commercial local news industry is failing, VTDigger is one of a handful of nonprofit news organizations in the nation that has developed a promising model of sustainable funding for journalism. The organization has grown quickly in just a decade, becoming the go-to source of news for the state of Vermont. We have a startup ethos and an unsurpassed commitment to our mission, which is to shine a light on problems that have an impact on Vermonters’ lives by exposing the truth, cutting through the noise of echo chamber spin, and reviewing the actions of public officials. VTDigger is already providing regional coverage of the state, and we are poised to ensure that readers in every community in Vermont get the coverage they deserve.

Fast Facts

Established: 2009

Employees: 30

Annual Budget: $2.7 million

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Organizational Impact

57% growth in monthly readership this year

60% increase in membership (reader donations) this year

36% growth in email subscribers this year

Your Job

The Director of Membership & Events will work with the Chief Revenue Officer and Director of Development as part of the senior management team to achieve the fundraising goals of the organization. You will:

  • Play a key role in VTDigger’s efforts to consistently and significantly increase revenue by building and strengthening the membership program, creating and executing dynamic events, and enhancing VTDigger’s presence and engagement in Vermont and the broader national non-profit news ecosystem
  • Work closely with the Chief Revenue Officer to set and meet goals for the growth of our Membership and Events programs
  • Manage and supervise our Membership Manager


In 2020, VTDigger’s membership grew from 4,800 to more than 11,000 annual supporters (members). The Director of Membership & Events will be responsible for developing a strategy to acquire, engage, retain, and upgrade members by developing high quality written content, engaging events, and other strategies. They will work closely with VTDigger’s Director of Development to identify high-potential donors and create compelling philanthropic opportunities that will lead to donors’ long-term commitment to VTDigger. In addition to developing and executing the organization’s membership strategy, the Director is responsible for the data, systems, and processes related to member recruitment and retention.

The Director of Membership & Events also manages strategy, operations, and logistics for member engagement programs and events.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Manage a portfolio of approximately 10,000 members and raise annual budgeted membership revenue while driving growth
  • Develop a strategic plan and timeline for securing and engaging new members and retaining current members
  • Write copy for all membership appeals and member newsletters
  • Ensure members are properly cultivated and stewarded and appropriate benefits are received by each member
  • Work closely with our Director of Development to align membership and major gift efforts
  • Proactively build relationships and engage related organizations to promote growth of VTDigger’s membership base
  • Aggregate and analyze subscriber and membership data to optimize membership drives on the fly and generate post-campaign insights to drive future campaign strategy
  • Develop a strategy for coordinating with VTDigger’s newsroom to integrate  membership with the news experience


  • Devise strategy with newsroom and business leadership for a suite of development, stakeholder, community listening and news events
  • Manage and lead the planning, organization, budgeting and execution of key fundraising, cultivation, and stewardship events
  • Promote success of fundraising events by developing and managing thorough and accurate invitation and solicitation lists
  • Coordinate closely with staff to develop and distribute branded internal and external communications to promote visibility of events including customization and personalization of invitations and solicitations
  • Ensure accurate tracking of attendee lists, seating assignments, program listings, invoicing, etc.
  • Develop tracking and reporting tools to effectively assess the overall profitability of events; prepare periodic progress reports for each event, including financial reports on progress toward fundraising goals and detailed expense budgets
  • Demonstrate creative thinking and bring to all events new and exciting ideas and concepts to enhance event appeal, attract media/press and public interest, increase fundraising results, and set VTDigger apart from other event offerings in and around Vermont
  • Manage and ensure smooth and efficient day-of-event coordination
  • Prepare post-event acknowledgements and debriefs

Your Team

You will report to Chief Revenue Officer, Jim Lehnhoff.

You will manage our Membership Manager, Florencio Terra, and work closely with Director of Development, Libby Johnson.

Your Life

Location: Montpelier, VT

Start date: Fall 2021

Salary range: $70-80K with benefits


This role is a fit if…

  • You’re a news junkie who cares about the future of civic journalism in the United States
  • You are tenacious, self-aware, and mindful of whatever is necessary to achieve and accomplish organizational goals
  • You have excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • You are hyper organized and have superior time management skills
  • You are unflappable when things go awry
  • You are a generous team player
  • You have demonstrated ability to work effectively with and quickly gain the respect and support of various and diverse constituencies, including board members, staff, affiliates, partners, members, donors, and prospects
  • You have experience successfully overseeing and supervising colleagues
  • You have experience developing and managing brand and fundraising communication efforts
  • You have database and record-keeping proficiency, including donor database/CRM experience.
  • Proficiency in Salesforce is a must, expertise/admin experience is a major plus.
  • You have experience working with WordPress, MailChimp, Google Analytics
  • You have a firm commitment to diversity: a personal approach that values the individual and respects differences of race, ethnicity, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, ability, involvement with the criminal justice system, and socioeconomic circumstance.



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