Copywriter | Full Time

Category: Advertising/Marketing/PR

Location: 212 Battery St, Burlington, VT, USA

Are you a born teller of stories? Do you approach the small projects with as much passion as the big ones? Can you take stacks of information, unearth the important stuff, and write copy so compelling, so insightful, your reader forgets to blink? Can you do that with very minimal direction? Can you do it with no direction? Can you do it for web? Can you do it for video? Can you do it on a billboard? Can you do it in a blog? Can you do it fast? Can you do it in your sleep? Can you do it without mistakes? Can you do it with a great attitude? 

If you’ve been aggressively nodding while reading this, then we have some long, empty rectangles calling your name. Don’t forget that middle initial. Details are important.

And no egos, please. We’re a team, we collaborate, we’re friends and we play well together.


  • 5+ years writing experience in an agency environment 
  • A devotion to the craft of great writing as well as strong conceptual abilities with proven experience writing across a variety of mediums and formats 
  • Strong client presentation skills demonstrating a clear vision of how the work addresses the client challenge
  • A desire to take on new challenges, grow and learn every day
  • Ability to work collaboratively as part of a larger team in a fast-paced environment
  • Desire for feedback that will push your work to the next level 
  • Great self-management and organization skills 


To Apply:

To apply, submit your resume and portfolio to: kwillard@ksvc.com.