Burlington Electric Department

BED Energy Services Engineer | Full Time

Category: Energy Products/Services

Location: 585 Pine Street, Burlington, VT, USA

The Net Zero Energy Services Engineer works to advance the City of Burlington’s Net Zero Energy (NZE) goals by helping customers identify opportunities to further energy efficiency and fossil fuel reductions in buildings. This position is responsible for working with Burlington’s residential and small commercial customers, and with the Burlington energy professional community, in delivering BED’s Net Zero Energy (NZE) programs including energy efficiency, beneficial electrification of space heating and domestic hot water systems, energy codes and City ordinances that help to advance NZE goals. The position requires effective collaboration with community members, external partners and stakeholders, and other BED staff.

Essential Job Functions

  • Responds to customer questions concerning BED’s NZE programs including energy efficiency, beneficial electrification of space heating and domestic hot water systems options, hybrid heating system options and controls, cost and carbon savings, load management, electric transportation, charging options and Net Metering. This position is primarily focused on BED’s residential customers but may also assist mixed-use or other small commercial customers as needed.
  • Assist customers with evaluating heat pump space heating, space cooling and domestic hot water options including cost and carbon savings projections.
  • Assist customers with prioritizing de-carbonization opportunities including weatherization, full or partial replacement of fossil-based heating equipment, electric vehicles, charging and solar.
  • Assist Customer Care with customer high bill and rate questions.
  • Performs field inspections and audits of customer homes, multi-family buildings and other small commercial facilities to evaluate building envelope, heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment, HVAC controls, lighting, appliances, vehicle charging, and electrical control systems to identify and assess energy-savings and control opportunities.
  • Reviews construction plans for compliance with Vermont energy codes and City ordinances that help to advance NZE goals and works closely with the Department of Permitting & Inspections, and other stakeholders, to help construction and renovation projects achieve and surpass compliance with codes and ordinances.
  • Works closely with customers, their architects, engineers, contractors, and equipment vendors to evaluate energy efficiency, beneficial HVAC system electrification, and load management opportunities in construction designs of residential and small commercial buildings.
  • Assists in identifying opportunities to help advance energy efficiency and fossil fuel reduction among low-income and black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) community members and works collaboratively to improve BED’s energy efficiency and strategic electrification program design and delivery. This work will include engagement with affordable housing organizations, case managers, community partners and language interpreters.
  • Develop, modify, and utilize spreadsheet analyses, building simulation modeling and other tools to evaluate system designs and changes affecting energy consumption and demand.
  • Perform project financial analysis, including cost estimating and cash flow analysis to determine simple payback, life-cycle cost, benefit/cost ratios, net present value and other financial indicators.
  • Prepare verbal and written summary reports addressed to customers and others detailing energy-saving estimates available from changes in customer building designs, existing equipment, systems or operating and maintenance procedures and financing options.
  • Manage requests for proposal (RFP) and scopes of work, including but not limited to preparing, awarding, and reviewing work products prepared by consulting engineers and other contractors, etc.
  • Prepare equipment and installation specifications when required.
  • Serve as project manager, working with contractors and vendors, to include contract preparation, inspection of installations, coordination of payment disbursements, and mediation of contract disputes when necessary.
  • Oversee contract specialists and student interns as required.
  • Assist in coordinating and maintaining energy efficiency program administration and program databases including assisting in the creation of savings claims and project documentation standards, and on-site metering protocols for the Energy Services Area.
  • Coordinate customer education efforts and present BED programs to the public in a variety of forums.
  • As necessary, represents BED regarding NZE efforts before government bodies and various community and trade organizations, and presents on behalf of BED at relevant conferences.
  • Assists the Director of Energy Services and other BED staff in modifying ongoing NZE program design and in designing future NZE, advanced metering and load management, and electric vehicle program efforts.

Deadline: April 20, 2023 12:00 am

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