Sojourns Community Health Clinic

Apothecary Store Manager | Full Time

Category: Retail

Location: 4923 US-5, Westminster, VT 05158, USA

Apothecary Store Manager

The Apothecary Store Manager reports to the Executive Director and oversees the clinic’s product and educational offerings. This individual manages the on-site apothecary and online store platform and is responsible for developing sustainable revenue streams for the store and course offerings. The Manager has an in-depth knowledge of business development, sales and marketing, and staff management, all undergirded by natural leadership abilities. This person is energetic and motivated to take the store and educational programming to a sustainable “next level.” As a plus, this person has knowledge and experience with: dietary supplements, botanicals, and herbal tinctures; ordering and receiving merchandise and supplies, procurement, fulfillment of mail-order and in-clinic sales, inventory, accurate record keeping, and government compliance.


On Site

Full Time


Business Development

–         Set revenue-generating strategies for the product sales and educational programming

–         Manage implementation of health education classes (paid and free) to patients and the broader community

–        Set annual calendar for product and course marketing

–        Collaborate with affiliate content providers

–        Oversee use of health education facility use (TBD)

–        Generate monthly and quarterly program reports to analyze revenue and impact

–      In collaboration with Executive Director, develop collaborative agreements with content providers, vendors, health educators and other entities in support of revenue-generating strategies



–         Train, support, and supervise apothecary personnel

–        Oversee part-time Apothecary Store Associate

–        Facilitate annual and 6-month reviews for direct reports



–        In collaboration with Executive Director, develop annual budget of revenue and expenses for store and educational programming

–        Maintain accurate and compliant records and ensure that products are properly labeled according to FDA, cGMP standards, and other relevant health department guidelines

–        Maintain familiarity with current industry regulations as applicable to each vendor including cGMP compliance, MAP policies, and MSRP for items

–       Provide coverage of daily operations when associate is unavailable or as needed


Client Services

–      Maintain positive relationships with clients, staff, practitioners, and brand representatives

Data Analysis, Research and Reporting

  • In 2023, implement Shopify or comparable POS to manage vendors, customers, inventory and sales
  • Create quarterly and year-end inventory reports and submit to accounting firm and board reliably and promptly at the end of each quarter



Must Have

  • 3-5 years’ relevant experience and college degree
  • High level of organization; attention to detail while maintaining context within larger scope of business
  • Demonstrated ability with Microsoft Office applications, Quickbooks Point of Sale systems, and cloud-based document sharing in OneDrive; comfort and dexterity in learning new technologies and assisting/teaching others in their use
  •     Capability to maintain effective communication between departments, systems, and teams and effectively collaborate and cooperate to complete tasks
  • Team player with a good sense of camaraderie and support
  • Ability to work independently to prioritize projects with various timelines and precedence
  • Effective time management skills
  • Ability to fulfill patient and practitioner requests quickly, accurately and efficiently
  • Ability to uphold and respect client confidentiality at all times (HIPAA)
  • Strong interpersonal skills with ability to deal courteously and effectively with internal and external requests
  • Creativity and efficient utilization of resources to problem-solve and think on one’s feet


Nice to Have

  • Prior supervisor or management experience preferred
  • Prior work experience in a heath care environment
  • Comfortability and ease in a public facing client services role
  • Training/certification as herbalist or practitioner with equivalent qualifications
  • Interest in collaborative healthcare and passionate about the field of health and wellness



  • One free chiropractic appointment per month.
  • Discount on healthcare services.
  • 25-30% discount for apothecary products.
  • Employee paid options for 401k and insurance, including: dental, life, accident, vision, cancer, and short-term disability.
  • Paid time off – accrues but is not available to use until after 90 days of employment
  • 8 paid holidays per year if they fall on a scheduled work day


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To Apply

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