Meeting Waters YMCA

Site Director Intern | Fall

Hours Per Week: 15-20

Position Starts: ASAP

End Date: TBD

Pay: $14.00 - $16.00/hr

Location: Bellows Falls and Brattleboro

Main Focus of Internship:

Administrative/Business Operations

Organization Description

 The Meeting Waters YMCA was founded in 1895. It has as its mission: “To build strong communities by involving youth, adults and families in programs and activities that develop healthy spirit, mind and body.” We actively encourage the participation in our programs of people of all races, ethnicities, ages, religious and spiritual beliefs, socio-economic conditions, ability, and sexual orientation. Our programs serve children, teens, adults and families from over two-dozen communities throughout the Connecticut River Valley–from Guilford to Springfield in VT and from Walpole to Charlestown in NH. We are one of over 2,600 YMCAs in the United States. Each one is fiscally and programmatically autonomous but collectively the YMCA movement is the largest non-profit organization in the US with revenues of over $6 billion in 2011. Collectively, YMCAs are the largest provider of child care and school age care in America. Because of this, opportunities for training and development, sharing of information, and mutual support abound.

Overview: The Y-ASPIRE Site Director serves as the group leader of one site of the Y-ASPIRE program. Structurally, s/he will be supported by the Program Director who is accountable for overall success of the Y-ASPIRE program. The Site Director will plan and lead a daily schedule of activities, which create a nurturing, exciting, safe and fun learning environment for children in the after-school hours.

Expectations: Our organization is based on the YMCA core values of responsibility, respect, caring and honesty and expects a commitment to these and other values and principles that recognize the unique talents and experiences that each individual brings to our organization. We expect to see these values demonstrated outwardly to all children in your care, their parents, and your colleagues both at the school and at the YMCA.

Tasks: The core tasks to be performed by the Y-ASPIRE Site Director are to: plan a dynamic, age-appropriate and diverse curriculum for each program day based on the monthly Y-ASPIRE theme; post lesson plans at least one week in advance; purchase healthy food and drink for daily snack; supervise and mentor the Program Assistant(s); maintain records in accordance with state licensing guidelines; ensure safe, loving and nurturing care for all students at all times they are in our care; communicate with appropriate school staff and our Program Director regarding issues of safety, behavioral problems and other concerns; communicate with parents on a regular basis on each child’s accomplishments, behavior and development; ensure that the spaces used for the program are left as they were when the group entered them; share your wisdom, talents and experiences with other Y-ASPIRE Site Directors at monthly staff meetings.

The main hours of employment are from the close of school (anywhere between 2:20 and 3:00 depending on the site) until 6:00 pm. On days when schools are closed for vacations, teacher in-service training or other reasons, the Site Director works from 8:00-6:00 pm (except in Brattleboro where program sites are brought together and the staff divides the hours). Curriculum planning and food shopping are also paid and are done at a time that is convenient to the Site Director.

This is an hourly, non-exempt position paying $14 – $16/hr.

Training time is paid, up to the required number of hours for licensing compliance, and as determined by the Individual Professional development plan of each staff.

Regular part-time staff are entitled to payment for holidays falling on normally scheduled work days, for the regularly scheduled number of hours.