Earth Sky Time Farm

Multiple Kitchen & Farm Internships | Ongoing

Hours Per Week: Full Time

Position Starts: TBD

End Date: TBD (6 months in length)

Pay: Stipend plus housing and meals

Location: Manchester, VT

Main Focus of Internship:

Agriculture/Food Production/Horticulture

Main Focus of Internship:

  • On-Farm Production
  • Business Management
  • Baking

Position Description:

Earth Sky Time Farm is a small community based organic farm, commercial kitchen and wood fired bakery located in Southwestern Vermont. We grow 10 acres of certified organic vegetables, as well as flowers, herbs, and orchard fruit. We have a 60 family CSA and stands at 4 local farmers markets where we sell our produce and bread as well as veggie burgers, hummus, and other seasonal delicacies. Our products are delivered to restaurants, stores and coops throughout our region. We also collect compostables from local restaurants and schools to feed our 300 hens and provide renewable fertility for our fields.

Our farm and bakery are staffed by our family and friends. We are part of an organization called WWOOF (willing workers on organic farms) which connects people interested in learning about organic farming with the opportunity to live and work with us. We love wwoofers, without them we couldn’t farm the way we do, nor would our household be as vibrant. We encourage full season apprenticeships for an in depth experience, but also welcome folks for shorter periods year round.

Interns learn a wide range of skills including greenhouse work, field preparation, seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, beekeeping, composting, tractor safety, going to market, chicken chores, construction projects and kitchen work (commercial food prep, lactic fermentation and canning projects). We always take time to explain the philosophical and/or practical concepts behind what we are doing. We believe that sharing knowledge with the folks who come work with us is one of our most important roles. Being an intern at Earth Sky Time serves as a broad education in sustainable agriculture and communal country living.

We also welcome aspiring bakers to join us year round for intensive bread baking internships. We make naturally leavened old world breads and croissants four days a week in our amazing wood fired spanish Llopis oven. We are usually looking for a little help, and it is a great opportunity to get your hands in the dough and learn.

Earth Sky Time is a dynamic farm business, bustling with projects, friends, music, good food, and our three young children. We are production oriented but we value wholesome fun. No smoking or excessive partying please. Our kitchen is vegetarian and vegan diets are no problem. We cook, eat (and wash dishes) communally. Accommodations are in our big old farmhouse, a few cabins, campers and a tree house.


Bread Baking Intern: We have 2-3 intern positions year round in our wood fired bakery. You will be trained to maintain starter cultures, mix and fold doughs, and help shape approximately 2000 loaves a week including baguettes, flatbreads, rolls, and croissants. Our process relies on extremely slow fermentation – retarding dough in bulk tubs and then again in bannetons. We prepare starters at night for the next morning’s mix, loaves are shaped in the evening and baked early the following morning in our Llopis oven. This 36 hour process develops beautiful structure, flavor and keeping quality and allows us flexibility for the timing of our bakery work. We encourage 6 month bakery internships, during which time interns will go through mixing and shaping rotations and also have opportunities to develop oven skills. You should be comfortable working some night shifts. Aspiring and more experienced bakers are invited to join us


Assistant Farm Manager Intern: Will work with Oliver to understand the systems we use to grow our veggies and will supervise our crew of wwoofers/interns in all aspects of farm work. Good communication/people management skills are important for this position. Also important are problem solving skills and, most importantly, common sense. Familiarity with tractors /equipment is a plus but not a requirement. We expect you to take initiative and ask lots of questions. You will gain the skills necessary to be a productive leader and farmer.

Farmer’s Market Manager Intern: Will attend two to three farmers markets per week starting in May. Good organizational skills, efficiency, aesthetic sensibility, and comfort with customers are important. We are a well established presence at the markets, and our veggies, wood fired breads and prepared foods are loved in our community. Feeding our neighbors is a deeply fulfilling aspect of business. You will also be involved in farming and food production on non market days.

Kitchen Manager Intern: Will manage all aspects of our wood fired veggie burger production. You will also participate in the production of a wide range of seasonal value added prepared foods which we sell at the markets and at our farmstand. Additionally, you will be involved with our weekly “farm nights”; in which we prepare a gourmet, globally inspired vegetarian buffet from our produce and serve it at Oliver’s family’s restaurant. You will be supervising a rotating kitchen crew in the production of large quantities of awesome food- both our own tried and true recipes your own creative endeavors.

CSA/Farmstand Manager Intern: Will coordinate harvest/set up two days a week for our CSA pick ups. We have had a CSA for the last 7 years and have many returning members. We plan to turn our pick up area into a full time farm stand that is open to the public. The farmstand manager will help us achieve this goal this year. Good organization and people skills are important as well as excitement to build this project.