IoT Conduit

Health, Safety & Sustainability Coordinator | Summer

Hours Per Week: 10-15

Position Starts: June 15, 2020

End Date: August 15, 2020

Pay: $1000 per month stipend. $15-$18/hour depending on experience

Location: Burlington, VT

Main Focus of Internship:

Architecture/Arts/Creative/Design/Graphic Design

Position Description

Vermont’s IoT Conduit will be coordinated from the working technology laboratory at 12 North Street in Burlington, Vermont. This node is located in an existing smart building that has been integrating renewable energy and advanced sub metering for over a decade. The conduit will connect technologies to buyers and technical resources through a partnership approach.

The vision of the The IoT Conduit is to coordinate IoT resources inside and outside Vermont to build the prototype for a Smart City Center by using the state as a living laboratory. Inspired by smart city initiatives like Chicago’s Array of Things the VT IoT Conduit leverages Vermont’s collaborative spirit to build out smart city concepts.

The Health, Safety & Sustainability Coordinator are responsibilities include:

  • Communicating 12-22 North COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan to tenants and building guests;
  • Researching evolving CDC recommendations for shared office spaces and implement;
  • Researching no-waste solutions for complying with State of Vermont re-opening requirements;
  • Working with community partners to share experiences with new technologies and re-opening strategies.

Required Qualifications

  • Ability to learn WordPress and Active Campaign
  • Ability to understand CDC and State of Vermont reopening rules
  • Positive attitude and willing to embrace the new normal.

Desired Skills, Attributes, and Knowledge

  • WordPress experience
  • Active Campaign experience
  • Health & Safety plan experience

Educational and Professional Development

They will learn how to re-open an office building safely, efficiently and sustainably. Experience in building and implementing a enhancing a health & safety plan.

Work Environment / Culture

  • Collaborative work
  • Opportunity for all workers to contribute ideas
  • Sense of community
  • Employee/team recognition and/or celebrations
  • Independent/autonomous work
  • Focus on social responsibility in the work/workplace
  • Access to managers who can act as mentors
  • Respect based upon accomplishments, not seniority
  • Diversity valued, welcomed and encouraged
  • Creative work
  • Casual Dress
  • Fun!

Application Information

Your application will consist of a cover letter and resume. Please direct your cover letter to AJ Rossman, Managing Director, IoT Conduit, 12-22 North Street, Burlington, VT 05401. Click on the”Apply” button on this page to complete an application form and upload your cover letter and resume. Position is available until filled.