The VBSR Connections Network


UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, VBSR Connections Network Meetings will be on pause until in-person meetings are permitted, safe, and appropriate. In the meantime, feel free to sign up for any of the groups, and keep an eye out for educational webinars on exploring socially responsible considerations, precautions, and resources for businesses to respond to COVID-19.


VBSR’s Connections Network is your opportunity to expand your organization’s socially responsible community and generate greater public impact through focused discussion and peer-to-peer learning. Three cohorts with shared identities in the People & Culture Professions, Small Business community, and Emerging Industries will meet 6 to 8 times a year for member-driven dialogue and education on the topics most valuable to you. A VBSR staff member will work to organize and facilitate these discussions, moving each meeting to a different host business around the state. The VBSR Connections Network is a place for members of the Vermont socially responsible business community to connect directly around the successes and challenges unique to your cohorts, where you can drive collaboration and education for greater impact.

The program is free and for members only.

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More Information on the initial cohorts offered:

People & Culture Professionals: The People & Culture Professionals group is open to human resource professionals, administrators, workplace leaders, and company founders in the VBSR membership – who share needs and challenges around building employee first workplaces.

Small Business, Big Impact: The Small Business, Big Impact group is open to founders and leaders of VBSR member business who employ 0 – 15 full-time employees who are looking for innovative ways for small businesses to make way on the road to social responsibility.

Emerging Industries: The Emerging Industries group is open to VBSR members whose companies and organizations are in sectors new to or rapidly growing in Vermont. This cohort will approach finding solutions to shared challenges, like market and supply chain development, through the lens of social responsibility and collective impact.


Note: Solicitation for products and services will be prohibited and the content of educational presentations and discussion will not be recorded or shared, in order to protect a productive and transparent environment.


Once these groups have been established, a VBSR staff member will follow up with details regarding meeting location, date, time & topic.  Please email Toby Aronson at if you have any questions.