Encouraging employees to use public transportation can help save them money while also supporting more environmentally friendly transportation.


  • Siting facilities within easy walking, bus-riding or bike-riding can eliminate or shorten employee commutes or make commuting more accessible.
  • Make bus or train schedules easily available to help encourage use of public transportation.
  • Basic education can include helping employees learn to use bus schedules or purchase tickets, especially employees who are from other countries or who have never used public transit.
  • Providing bus passes for commuting or traveling to work functions helps those without vehicles and encourages use of public transportation.
  • It’s helpful if you adjust work schedules to accommodate public transportation schedules.
  • Charging employees for parking can encourage use of public transportation or other eco-friendly or low-cost means.
  • Some of these practices may initially require incentives or motivation campaigns until they are accepted as regular practices.