In rural Vermont, transportation has been a long-standing challenge for many employees. Helping employees with transportation needs can attract and retain workers while reducing gas emissions and community, traffic and road impact. Transportation, mostly cars and trucks, accounts for 43% of Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Employer assistance can include transportation for daily commuting, meetings, conferences, and/or organization-wide events.

Reduce the Need for Transportation

Reducing travel can save costs and sometimes expand your pool of potential employees.

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Public Transportation

Even many rural areas offer public transportation, and there are several practices organizations can adopt to help employees and customers make bett...

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It is important that employees feel safe and supported. Embracing diversity, creating inclusive spaces, and supporting employees in recovery plays a...

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Cars & Vans

Learn more about the resources in Vermont to address concerns regarding "Employee Wellness," "Team-Building," and "Expanding Your Workforce."

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Greening Your Business - Resources

Links to information on greening your organization:

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Transportation - Resources

Links to information on transportation:

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