When you encourage community involvement and support, whether by offering flex time or by paying employees for volunteer time, either individually or in teams, volunteer activities offer employees a powerful, fulfilling, and enriching experience, helping to promote bonds with coworkers and pride in your organization.


  • Employee and organization volunteering may increase visibility within the community as well as support community needs.
  • Choosing volunteer activities that relate to your organization’s product service or mission can highlight your values as well as supporting your community. (For example, a company with an environmental mission may volunteer for an environmental nonprofit, or a company that sells family-related products might volunteer for family-related activities or nonprofits.)
  • Volunteering may offer valuable professional development and an expanded professional network to employees who might not otherwise have such opportunities.
  • Some companies alert employees about volunteer opportunities through bulletin boards or in-house newsletters.
  • Scheduling group volunteer activities can make it easier for employees to volunteer.
  • Paid volunteer time may encourage employees to engage in community activities on their own, as well.
    • Supervisors and other leaders may need to encourage employees to use their paid volunteer time.
    • Including volunteerism as a performance goal or organizational goal can underscore the importance of volunteering.


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