Team culture helps each member of the team see that their input is important and appreciated. A vibrant team culture can lead to greater learning, collaboration and innovation. It can also break down barriers between departments or job areas and help employees to develop their technical, professional and communication skills. Here are some low-cost ways to build a sense of team.


  • Ensure that your team(s) have a common goal – and communicate it often.
  • An employee committee can use employee surveys and budget information to select or prioritize team-building activities.
  • Hold team celebrations when goals are reached to promote team interactions and relationships.
  • Celebrate “mistake of the month”: help your employees see mistakes as learning experiences and remove the fear of being criticized to encourage creativity and good humor.
  • Cross-departmental job shadowing for new or long-time employees can help integrate teams/departments as well as offer professional development and greater appreciation of co-workers’ roles.
  • Organization-sponsored social activities (pizza parties, popcorn day, Elvis-Lookalike contests, employee/department  appreciation days, holiday parties, general team social time, tickets to sports events, performances, museums, etc.) or work-related contests, volunteerism or events help build a sense of team. Also see the Expand Your Organization with Inclusivity section for ideas on activities that work for diverse teams.


Also see the Team-Building section.