From simple low-cost recognition to high-end awards, recognition helps employees know their efforts are valued. Recognition is also important for building a team culture that appreciates and celebrates a job well done.


  • Even a simple “thumbs-up” bulletin board gives achievements, attitudes or other aspects of work the visibility they deserve.
  • In team meetings, public recognition from supervisors or coworkers can be a form of celebration.
  • In organization newsletters, coworkers can acknowledge extra team or individual efforts, jobs well done, volunteer time, reduction of environmental impact, or other production-based or value-based goals.
  • Be creative! Humorous or low-cost awards can include blue ribbons, goofy toys, awards made out of recycled materials, massages, special coffee mugs or close-to-the-building parking spaces for a month.
  • Some organizations use monthly posters showing the results of extra efforts.
  • Higher cost recognition may include trophies, gift certificates, on-site chair massages for team recognition, etc.
  • Building recognition into employee performance goals and reviews helps integrate recognition throughout the organization.