Your public voice as an employer or business owner can be extremely powerful on  behalf of public policy issues and organizational values, and it can help shape the regulatory, natural and economic environments affecting your community and organization. Your voice can speak in many ways:


  • Write op-eds and letters to the editor.
  • Include cause-related content in your digital and other marketing and communication venues to help educate your communities on the issues.
  • Encourage your community’s support of issues and causes.
  • Donate a portion of your sales to support advocacy and issues.
  • Offer paid time for employee engagement in issues.
  • Encourage civic involvement:
    • Conduct on-site voter registration
    • Paid time off for voting
    • Offer transportation to help employees and community members get to voting sites
    • Provide education on obtaining absentee ballots
  • Circulate petitions and fundraising efforts to support your chosen issues.
  • Source goods and services from companies that support your values and issues.
  • Educate your vendors and suppliers about the issues and encourage their support and participation.
  • Combine your voice with those of other organizations for stronger collective action.
  • Remember that your own business practices can support your chosen issues (e.g., reduced waste or transportation helps the environment; inclusive hiring supports economic equity).
  • Invite your legislators to your workplace and share your concerns and ideas.
  • Offer to testify in legislative committees.
  • Combine your voice with those of other organizations for stronger impact.


Also see the Public PolicyVolunteerism and In-Kind Donations sections.