Providing professional development helps employees upgrade skills for future internal promotions or other helpful career moves. Cross-training may also help when coworkers need to take on additional responsibilities during employees’ personal leave times and may expand your ability to promote from within.

Think you can’t afford professional development? The answer is that you probably cannot afford to not to. For example, it’s quite often the manager, not the pay, benefits, perks etc that are critical in building a strong workplace.

  • Financial Management Education

    During work time and/or break time, you can provide employees with education on personal financial planning, budgeting and estate planning, as well as available financial resources and support services. Many vendors will provide the education for free.

  • In-House Education

    Education during work time opens access to professional development for employees with dependent care, transportation or other after hours challenges. Education may be as simple as offering resource lists or informational materials or as advanced as offering worksite classes, or tuition reimbursement for offsite learning.

  • On-the-Job Experiential Learning

    Job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, returnships and training across departments or positions – all can help expand your future workforce and our future economic development.