Offering a choice of holidays may accommodate employees of differing faiths or backgrounds.

    • If choice of holiday is only available in certain departments, it may cause unequal benefits.
    • If offering individual choice of holidays isn’t possible (e.g., manufacturing production line), you might ask employees or departments to vote on the list(s) of official holidays, to best serve employee needs.


Leave for Vermont Legislators or members of the National Guard

An employee who needs to leave a full-time position to serve in the General Assembly is entitled to a temporary or partial leave of absence for perform their official duties. This leave should not cause loss of job status, seniority, or the right to participate in insurance and other employee benefits during the leave of absence.

Likewise, the laws  and rule related to employers of members of the National Guard apply to companies of all sizes.



Other types of paid/unpaid leave

Offering paid or unpaid time off for voting, volunteering, jury duty, training, sabbaticals or other needs can also support employees and help with employee retention. Even if some of the leave you offer is paid leave, adding unpaid leave can give your employees more flexibility.


  • First determine whether your company size, location, etc. requires specific benefits (e.g. paid sick leave, FMLA).
  • Some employers use a system that allows employees to accrue leave time.
  • Be aware that extended leave may affect an employee’s health insurance coverage or other benefits.
  • Sabbaticals for long-time employees can help them recharge or upgrade skills – and improve retention.
  • Having specific time off for voting or volunteering can encourage civic involvement and if paid, it makes it easier to participate if employees have income or transportation challenges.
  • Even if you don’t offer tuition reimbursement, time off for education or training can support improving employees’ skills and retention.
  • Plan ahead: scheduling time off can impact coworkers and production.