When employees needs time for work/life balance, healthcare and other needs, or for life-changing situations such as birth, adoption or death, leave time can help them return to work with renewed energy and also a deeper loyalty to your organization.

  • Vacation, Medical & Family Leave

    Providing time off, paid or unpaid, may result in increased retention or easier employee recruitment. Before you assume you cannot afford paid leave, you may want to look at the costs of not offering paid leave.

  • Holidays

    Offering a choice of holidays may accommodate employees of differing faiths or backgrounds.

  • Other Types of Paid/Unpaid Leave

    Offering paid or unpaid time off for voting, volunteering, jury duty, training, sabbaticals or other needs can also support employees and help with employee retention. Even if some of the leave you offer is paid leave, offering unpaid leave can give your employees more flexibility.