Helping your employees with their health insurance needs can save them money and also lead to a healthier, more productive workforce and less absenteeism. As you research options, working with a broker and/or using resources provided by the State can save time, help you comply with the law, and determine whether group or individual coverage is best for your employees.


Health insurance

Helping your employees with their health insurance needs lets them know that their well-being is a top priority. Though surveys of employees have shown that health insurance is the most important benefit an employer can provide, small businesses often find that it’s a burden to keep up with the ever-changing options and laws, and most of all, the cost.


  • An employee committee and/or an survey can help you decide which insurance plans to offer.
  • Self-insurance is also an option, though typically for larger organizations. Some newer plans allow small businesses to self-insure as a group. However, any time a group splits from the overall pool of insured Vermonters, the overall premiums for those in the remaining pool tend to increase.
  • As part of your decision-making, think about whether you will offer insurance to part-time or temporary employees, or to employees’ spouses, partners or dependents.
  • If you contribute a set amount and allow employees to choose a different level of plan, employees can choose whether to have richer benefits or lower premiums while they meet their personal insurance needs.


Dental insurance

Many people are surprised to learn about the connection between dental health and overall physical health. Dental insurance can encourage employees to take advantage of preventative care dental visits and to seek care earlier when dental issues arise.


Vision insurance

Eye examinations and corrective eyewear can be expensive, and offering this insurance can help save employees’ money. Regular eye exams can also uncover chronic diseases that are not related to vision. Since the employee benefit of vision insurance is less commonly offered, providing it can help employers be more competitive when recruiting employees.


  • If you have employees working long hours with digital screens, they may be at greater risk of eye strain, and vision insurance can help encourage them to visit eye care professionals for routine check-ups and prevention.