Providing your employees with insurance benefits can help reduce stress and support health. Insurance benefits are also a way to attract and keep employees, and they let them know their well-being is a top priority.

If your budget cannot fully provide insurance, consider a contribution to help employees offset the cost when they purchase insurance on their own. You might also consider using a cafeteria plan, which allows employees to use pre-tax earnings for certain health and dependent care expenses.

  • Health-Related Insurances

    Helping your employees with their health insurance needs can save them money and also lead to a healthier, more productive workforce and less absenteeism. As you research options, working with a broker and/or using resources provided by the State can save time, help you comply with the law, and determine whether group or individual coverage is best for your employees.

  • Other Insurance Options

    There are other insurance options that help employees and their families when the unexpected happens. These types of insurance can help give employees peace of mind, knowing that when they are disabled or when they die, there will be financial support.


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