“Employee first” workplaces are an essential component of sustainable economic development. VBSR gathered these business practices from companies throughout Vermont and created this one-stop resource for low or no cost tools that create workplaces supporting employees, communities and the environment.

Please check back often – this is just a sampling of practices, and we will expand this toolkit as we learn about new ideas and practices — and please let us know if you have tools to share!

People & Culture

A positive work culture improves teamwork, raises productivity and efficiency, and increases retention. To create a strong organization culture, we ...

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Employee Benefits

Benefits can show employees that you are invested in their health, well-being, and future. Some benefits cost more than others...

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Family Friendliness

Investing in family-friendly business practices helps improve your workforce productivity and your company’s ability to attract, motivate, and ret...

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Investing in Your Community

Your community supports your organization in a number of ways and deserves your support in return.

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In rural Vermont, transportation has been a long-standing challenge for many employees. Helping employees with transportation needs can attract and ...

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Greening Your Organization

Going green can improve the overall efficiency of your business. More sustainable practices can cut costs, reduce waste, and align more directly wit...

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