VBSR Virtual Workshop: A Global Pandemic, and the Shift to a More Ethical, Eco-Conscious Consumer: What Brands Can Learn Going Forward

Event Details:
When: October 5, 2021 1:00 pm – October 5, 2021 2:30 pm
Location: Virtual Workshop

Cost To Attend:
Nonmembers – $20
VBSR Members – Free

Registration is open

Event hosted by: VBSR


Has the COVID-19 pandemic made us more ethical, sustainable consumers? Initial research conducted in 2020 highlighted a recognizable shift among consumers, and further research conducted in 2021 affirms that many of the habits adopted by consumers during the height of the pandemic are here to stay. Join VBSR and KSV as we explore and discuss these trends and what they mean for socially responsible businesses. Dave Treston, Associate Director of Strategy, and Shaina Kaye, Senior Content Strategist at KSV, will highlight the opportunities created for brands by this shift and will include important takeaways and marketing strategies socially responsible brands across industries can adopt to ensure they’re most effectively tapping into the more recently prioritized, but nonetheless resonant values, of today’s socially conscious, eco-minded consumers. Participants will also hear from Julian Fenn, Director of Online Marketing at Bee’s Wrap, who will share his perspective on whether these consumer trends will last.

This workshop will take place virtually, and the details to join the workshop will be sent via email to all who register, in advance of the event. Closed captioning via live transcription will be available during this workshop. The workshop will be recorded and the recording will be shared with all who register.

Meet Our Workshop Presenters:


Dave Treston

Dave Treston

Associate Director of Strategy, KSV

Dave has over a decade of experience in research design, execution, and analysis inside and outside of the energy space. In addition to developing top-notch strategic briefs for KSV’s entire roster of clients, Dave has a talent for uncovering valuable insights to help brands both tap into their audiences and tell their stories in a unique, unforgettable way.





Shaina Kaye
Shaina Kaye

Senior Content Strategist, KSV

Shaina has 10 years of experience in social media, content strategy and public relations. At KSV, she oversees social media strategy, paid social media management, content marketing and public relations efforts for clients spanning a variety of industries, including energy efficiency, sustainable consumer brands, B2B and more.



Julian Fenn


Julian Fenn

Director of Online Marketing, Bee’s Wrap

Julian was born on a small family farm in Upstate New York, as one of four generations living under the same roof.  After leaving the farm, he received Bachelors degrees in Sociology and International Relations from SUNY Geneseo and pursued a Masters in Globalization Studies from Dartmouth College.

After graduating, Julian explored a range of roles from sustainable forestry management to sustainable agricultural practices, all rooted in environmental stewardship and education. He lived completely off-grid in a forest cabin for two years, a Thoreauvian experiment intended to minimize his carbon footprint in all aspects of life, as well as develop an appreciation for things like running water.

Julian has been active in marketing for about five years, first working Vermont political campaigns, and later as the head of ecommerce/digital media for several small Vermont companies.  Currently he heads up Online Marketing at Bee’s Wrap, a Vermont B-Corp whose goal is to offer sustainable and compostable alternatives to single-use plastic