Accountability in Anti-Racism

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When: February 3, 2022 6:30 am – April 14, 2022 8:30 am
Location: Zoom

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Event hosted by: Well Told Films
A dialogue and embodiment series to examine the relationship of whiteness, womanhood, and personal responsibility for cultivating anti-racist culture.

Accountability in Anti-Racism is a 6-part series to examine how racialization in whiteness perpetuates racism in all of its expressions (institutional, structural, cultural, personal). This program is for white identifying women (cis gendered and trans), as well as non-binary people who feel supported in a space with women. Participation includes a commitment to attend the full 6-part series, every other week, and approximately 2 hours of reviewing resources prior to each session.

Accountability in Anti-Racism will bring to light how personal expressions of racism live within the bodies of white-identifying people. Specifically, for this series, the focus will be on people socialized, to any extent, as women. Working with a variety of educational resources between sessions (essays, articles, videos, podcasts), you will be called to examine how our own personal expressions of racism – conscious and unconscious – are directly linked to the norms of dominant white culture and how that relates to what we are each grappling with as we navigate anti-racism work.

Circle process facilitation will hold brave space for relationship building and equitable communication practices over the course of the series. Whole body listening and trust building will support arriving at the level of vulnerability this work requires of us, and to build our muscle for withstanding discomfort in racialized contexts. Embodiment techniques will be integrated throughout the series as energetic support and for participants to experience how the personal expression of racism is connected to our bodies. Different dialogue practices will guide conversations about the educational resources as well as how we communicate with each other. Learning, unlearning, and relearning ways to hold ourselves personally responsible for the impacts of our words, actions, and behaviors is a critical component of accountability in anti-racism.

The intention for the series is that by its conclusion, you will have clarity in naming what personal anti-racism looks like for you, how we will each hold ourselves accountable to disengaging from the harmful norms and behaviors of white supremacy culture, and the changes we envision and commit to making in the movement towards racial justice.