No profit in cancer prevention

Cancer epidemic benefits corporations at the cost of human health By: Rae Carter Corporations without commitments to social and environmental impact focus on turning a profit and producing products as cheaply as possible. While this sounds reasonable from an economic perspective, human health is the primary cost. Genetics and gene mutations cause cancer, but what […]


Vermont’s Forest Products Industry: In Transition and Hopeful for the Future

By Christine McGowan, Forest Products Program Director, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund Vermont prides itself as the Green Mountain State, with nearly 80-percent of its land mass covered in forest. Healthy and productive forests are inherent to Vermont’s culture and heritage. Yet, the industry responsible for bringing us countless valuable forest products: high quality furniture, specialty […]


VBSR Responds to VT Early Care & Learning Dividend Report

New report demonstrates strong economic case for increasing public investment in Vermont’s early care and learning system Yesterday, the Vermont Business Roundtable’s Research & Education Foundation released a report, titled Vermont’s Early Care and Learning Dividend, which details the Vermont-specific return on investment the state stands to gain by increasing public investments in high-quality early […]


Notes from Montpelier: Businesses benefit from paid sick leave

Written by State Rep. Carolyn Partridge , D-Windham. She welcomes emails at cpartridge@leg.state.vt.us. I’d be willing to bet that we have all experienced a situation where a coworker comes to work sick and several days later the entire workplace is down with it. Another common scenario is that a child, despite being ill, is taken […]