A Braver Little State – Opinion piece by Paul Dragon, CVOEO Executive Director

When I was 10 years old, I was riding my new bike with my cousin in Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island. The park borders South Providence, referred to then as the “ghetto” and comprised of mainly Black people while just north was our neighborhood in Cranston: white, Catholic, and struggling economically. The dividing […]


CEOs, Speaking Out on Racial Justice is Expected from You! (Frank Sadowski)

Once upon a time, we may have fooled ourselves into believing that business leaders just needed to pay attention to their businesses and let others focus on the social issues of the day. If that ever was true, it is crucial for you and your business to know that time is long gone. Today, the […]


Op-ed: A touch of environmental optimism amidst COVID-19

Opinion Editorial by Marina M. McCoy As many people go without jobs, not being able to make ends meet, wondering what the future may hold; talking about the health of the environment may not seem relevant when you are trying to get food on the table.  Which has people wondering, is climate change linked to […]


Op-ed: Corporate Social Responsibility in This Crisis

It is always easier to act consistent with your highest values when times are good, when there is at least a little financial cushion. When revenue just stops coming in – suddenly, without warning – and the world changes almost overnight, it’s another story. It is hard not to be driven by fear. It is […]


No profit in cancer prevention

Cancer epidemic benefits corporations at the cost of human health By: Rae Carter Corporations without commitments to social and environmental impact focus on turning a profit and producing products as cheaply as possible. While this sounds reasonable from an economic perspective, human health is the primary cost. Genetics and gene mutations cause cancer, but what […]


Vermont’s Forest Products Industry: In Transition and Hopeful for the Future

By Christine McGowan, Forest Products Program Director, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund Vermont prides itself as the Green Mountain State, with nearly 80-percent of its land mass covered in forest. Healthy and productive forests are inherent to Vermont’s culture and heritage. Yet, the industry responsible for bringing us countless valuable forest products: high quality furniture, specialty […]


VBSR Responds to VT Early Care & Learning Dividend Report

New report demonstrates strong economic case for increasing public investment in Vermont’s early care and learning system Yesterday, the Vermont Business Roundtable’s Research & Education Foundation released a report, titled Vermont’s Early Care and Learning Dividend, which details the Vermont-specific return on investment the state stands to gain by increasing public investments in high-quality early […]


Notes from Montpelier: Businesses benefit from paid sick leave

Written by State Rep. Carolyn Partridge , D-Windham. She welcomes emails at cpartridge@leg.state.vt.us. I’d be willing to bet that we have all experienced a situation where a coworker comes to work sick and several days later the entire workplace is down with it. Another common scenario is that a child, despite being ill, is taken […]


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