Carpools or vanpools can reduce employee expenses for commuting, and even small organizations can subscribe to CarShare or find other ways to share cars/vans or carpools/vanpools with other organizations.

When you provide employees with information and resources, including the Go! Vermont carpool app and info on Carshare Vermont, you can help them save on transportation expenses and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Providing info on a regular basis can help encourage employees to use these resources, as can incentives based on cash, competitions and recognition (e.g., employee of the month for saving the most pounds of carbon by carpooling this month)
  • Employer-provided parking can save employees time and money.
  • If you provide employees with financial assistance for purchasing hybrid or high efficiency vehicles or e-bikes, you can help them save on mileage costs and fossil fuel usage.
  • Transferring your fleet of vehicles to hybrid or high efficiency vehicles can save on mileage costs and fossil fuel usage, even if you replace your fleet one vehicle at a time.
  • Providing organization-owned vehicles, carpools or vanpools (with or without partnerships with other employers in the region), may also help employees with limited budgets or other transportation challenges, e.g., no driver’s license.
  • Providing bus passes for commuting or organizational meetings can support employees without personal vehicles and help reduce carbon emissions.


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