Ruchi is a Social Impact Management Professional with Fringe Impact. She is based in Vermont and committed to the underestimated stakeholders of the state. She holds a Masters in Business Administration from UVM, and a Masters in Politics from the University of Mumbai. Her work centers the amplification of opportunities for BIPOC and minority communities in VT, which she was led to through a long career in nonprofit management in India, effective philanthropy in NY and systemic social impact across the US through large corporate foundations and Fortune 500 companies.

She is an immigrant, mother and woman of color dedicated to using her experiences and reliance on deep empathy and rigorous research in her projects to catalyze an inclusive VT through targeted systemic changes. She believes in moving her stakeholders through individual connections and empathy while telling stories that inform a larger impact systemically. She believes that art is the essence of life, and endeavors to integrate it into her work.

She finds deep comfort in exploring deep spirituality, connecting with animals and spending time with her toddler son and partner exploring and connecting with her community of Colchester, VT. She is deeply influenced by her Indian roots and loves integrating those unique experiences with her life in VT.