Julianne joined VBSR as the Local First Associate in 2018 and became the Outreach Associate in January of 2019. She has worked in community outreach and environmental conservation and advocacy, including serving as the Conservation Assistant at the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) through Vermont’s inaugural ECO AmeriCorps program, as well campaigning with the Chesapeake Sustainability Institute’s project, Brickyard Educational Farm, outside Washington, DC. Julianne is excited to be apart of VBSR to help make change on a deeper level, and is passionate about supporting the improvement of the social, economic and natural landscapes for all Vermonters. Julianne grew up in rural Vermont, and now lives in Burlington with her husband where they enjoy sailing and kayaking on Lake Champlain, exploring the outdoors, and enjoying all the good food, music and art in their home state.

Email Julianne at info@vbsr.org.