Claudia Marshall is a life-long communications professional, with experience in traditional and social media. She combines that experience with a long-time interest in community outreach and social justice. Claudia is the Director of Communications & Development at Salvation Farms,a nd she previously served as the Director of Good Works and Public Relations at Gardener’s Supply Company in Burlington, VT. Her work there included distributing 8% of the company’s profits to causes that make the world a better place through gardening and sustainable agriculture.

Before moving to Vermont in 2013, Claudia was an award-winning writer, reporter and news anchor in New York City for CBS News and ABC News – on both radio and television. And she spent a dozen years hosting the public radio station, WFUV, featured frequently on NPR.

Claudia has tutored in a literacy program for underserved children in Oregon and worked in a crisis hotline in New York. She rode a bike from New York to Boston to raise money and awareness for AIDS research. In Vermont she has volunteered at a multi-denominational program to provide emergency services to Burlington-area poor and immigrant families. She serves as a deacon at her church in Charlotte.