1. Every year a “Call for Nominations” is sent to all VBSR members. In most years, the Call for Nominations is sent in mid-August or early September. However, nominations may be accepted at any time. In addition, the Nominating Committee proactively seeks nominees from underrepresented groups.
  2. To nominate yourself, please use the Candidate Profile form. To nominate someone else, please use the Nomination Form.
  3. To help us maintain a diverse and committed Board of Directors, all nominees are asked to complete a Candidate Profile. They are also asked to obtain a letter of recommendation.
  4. The Nominating Committee meets to consider the nominations, and they may do interviews. The Committee looks for a demonstrated commitment to the mission and principles of VBSR, as well as to the organization itself, and optimum board diversity based upon a balance of the following factors:
    • geographic location
    • company size, stage of growth, and sector
    • gender and other identities
    • skills and interests
  5. By mid-fall, the committee recommends a slate of board candidates to the full board, which then approves or changes the slate that will be included in the membership election ballot.
  6. In late fall, after board approval of the candidates, all VBSR members receive a ballot with brief biographies of the candidates. Members vote by ballot for terms beginning January 1st, and must send ballots to VBSR within 14 days after they were sent to members.

For more information on eligibility and criteria for the VBSR Board, please see our nomination page and the Board Job Description. For more information about the Nominating Committee, please see our committee info.

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