Advocacy Actions

For over three decades, VBSR has been a driving force, utilizing the strength of the business community to effect change in the Vermont State House. Our enduring commitment has been to steer our state toward a new paradigm – a just, thriving and transformative economy for all people and the planet.

Your Voice, Our Collective Strength

We invite our members – and all Vermonters – to actively participate, engage in collective action and ensure their voices are heard. This platform is where you’ll find ways to do that.

Shaping Policy for a Better Vermont

While voluntary initiatives within our businesses are crucial in fostering equitable, sustainable, and prosperous communities, the real game-changer lies in public policy. But only public policy can accelerate the pace and scale of change needed to overcome Vermont's most difficult challenges. Be a part of that change - start here.

Latest Posts

VBSR focuses on impactful business-driven changes for social & environmental good, with 2024 priorities on housing, care economy, climate, and healthcare.

Join VBSR in advocating for a state budget that supports emergency housing and addresses homelessness in Vermont through crucial policies and funding.

Learn about VTSaves, VBSR's proposed solution to ensure a dignified retirement for every Vermonter, especially those without current savings plans.

VBSR has been a leader on legislative successes such as farm to plate, home solar investment, marriage equality, ban the box, clean water investment, earned paid sick leave, increasing the minimum wage, climate action, and much more.

While VBSR is decidedly nonpartisan, we are committed to working with our members to increase voter participation in our country’s elections and channel resources toward our election system so that when Vermonters cast their ballots, they know their voices will be heard both in the Green Mountain State and in our Nation’s Capital.