Advocacy Actions

For over three decades, VBSR has been a driving force, utilizing the strength of the business community to effect change in the Vermont State House. Our enduring commitment has been to steer our state toward a new paradigm – a just, thriving and transformative economy for all people and the planet.

Your Voice, Our Collective Strength

We invite our members – and all Vermonters – to actively participate, engage in collective action and ensure their voices are heard. This platform is where you’ll find ways to do that.

Shaping Policy for a Better Vermont

While voluntary initiatives within our businesses are crucial in fostering equitable, sustainable, and prosperous communities, the real game-changer lies in public policy. But only public policy can accelerate the pace and scale of change needed to overcome Vermont's most difficult challenges. Be a part of that change - start here.

Latest Posts

Vermont's shift from fossil fuels to clean energy, highlighted by the Affordable Heat Act, aims to lower emissions and save $2 billion in heating costs by 2030, marking a critical move towards sustainability.