Businesses have the power to be changemakers.

Our Members:

  • Believe in a values-led approach to business
  • Leverage the power of business to do good
  • Bring their voice to important policy issues
  • Inspire change in their workplace and networks

What Other Members Are Saying

Brattleboro Savings & Loan

“The Brattleboro Savings and Loan’s mantra is ‘community banking…community people…for all the right reasons’. The Brattleboro Savings and Loan, its employees and directors believe in and have a commitment to the bank’s philosophy of doing things for all the right reasons. While not always the most economically advantageous, this philosophy has always been the bank’s number one priority. That’s why we belong to VBSR.  The organization and its member believe in the same values.” – Dan Yates, CEO


Gardener’s Supply

“What’s so wonderful and different about VBSR is that they are both a business organization that helps its members be more successful today and equally they understand and advance the central win-win and proactive role business must play in improving our society and environment long term.” – Will Raap, Founder



“If you believe that businesses can be a force for positive social change, then you belong in VBSR. You’ll meet hundreds of like-minded Vermont business leaders, gain countless new ideas and resources, and know you’re supporting our voice in the VT legislature. It’s the hub of leading-edge business thought and action in Vermont.” – Todd Walker, Owner


Main Street Landing

“Main Street Landing has been a member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility almost from its inception.  The collaboration of these remarkable businesses that are dedicated to the health and welfare of the Earth, their employees, and those they serve provides us with the perfect opportunity to learn and grow.  Our mission focuses on sustainability and a bottom line that not only has a profit, but also measures our worth to the environment and the social fabric of our community.  VBSR is home to over 600 businesses that are trying to do the right thing beyond just making money.  Main Street Landing has always been and will continue to be honored and proud to be part of this extraordinary business organization.” – Melinda Moulton, CEO


Small Dog Electronics

“Small Dog Electronics considers social responsibility to be an integral part of our company. As a business with multiple bottom lines, we know that our effect on the community, environment, customers and employees is just as important as our profitability. VBSR clearly shares and supports this vision. VBSR facilitates partnerships between like-minded businesses–both on a local and national scale–which has a positive effect on our community as a whole. VBSR serves as a reminder that social responsibility and profitability are not mutually exclusive, but rather mutually beneficial. Small Dog Electronics is proud to be a member!” – Don Mayer, Owner