A Triple-Bottom-Line Economy

Imagine an economy that makes a positive impact on our communities, environment and prosperity. Far-fetched? On the contrary, some of Vermont’s most successful businesses have based their success on this more realistic, “triple-bottom-line” method.

To prepare for our future, VBSR helps businesses adopt this all-encompassing approach to make our economy adaptable. We support workforce development through our Vermont Intern Program and our member job listings.

We have ushered in a new economic model with the VBSR Marketplace and use Local First Vermont as our soapboxes for spreading the message about the importance of buying local as a way to create economic resiliency.

Finally, we provide a triple-bottom-line public policy voice to help shape a sustainable future, supporting such policies as Equal Pay for Men and Women, The Downtown Redevelopment Act, Earned Paid Leave, Ban the Box, Farm to Plate Legislation, Benefit Corporation status, raising the minimum wage, and more.

Help us work toward an economy based on resiliency and sustainability, rooted in an approach that gives equal weight to environmental quality, social well-being and financial strength – an economy that is both adaptable and sustainable.