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VBSR End of Session Energy and Environmental Priorities

April 15, 2008

Dear State Representative:

As the legislative session progresses into the last few weeks, VBSR would appreciate your support for passage of the following bills that we believe will serve the long-term interests of all Vermont businesses.  On behalf of our 570 business members, we ask that you help Vermont and Vermonters by ensuring passage of the following bills this session.  

ENERGY Forward thinking energy policy must provide reliable and sustainable energy sources, and incentives for energy efficiency and conservation.   The true costs of our current energy usage and supply must be incorporated into our choices, and external costs must be internalized.    
S. 350- Energy Independence and Economic Prosperity.  Thank you for the passage of S. 209!  That was a great start but our energy work is not done. Public transportation is a critical business need; for our customers and employees who need affordable transportation options. S. 350 will help jump start important changes to current transportation policy.
S. 373- Full funding of decommissioning costs of a nuclear plant.  It is critical that the necessary funds are available for eventual decommissioning of Vermont Yankee. All users of the facility should pay for necessary management of the facility, not just Vermonters who would get left holding the bag.  Business discipline mandates that long-term costs are addressed in current budget considerations.

ENVIRONMENT We do not subscribe to the belief that there is conflict between jobs and the environment, between economic prosperity and environmental protection.  VBSR believes in quite the opposite; economic health requires a healthy environment.  As a long- term member of the Vermont Association of Conservation Voters VBSR supports:
S. 304- Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Program.  Groundwater does not  “belong” to any individual or business, it is a common asset that must be preserved and protected in order to ensure adequate quantity and quality in the future.   
S. 311- The Use Value Appraisal Program. We support improvements to the Current Use program that would increase landowner participation in the program, encourage long-term enrollment and expand opportunities for enrollment.

Thank you for your support.  We appreciate the hard work and challenges you have before you

Will Patten, Executive Director
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

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