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Energy Bill Petition Signatories

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As of 7/10/07 

Businesses for Energy Conservation and Efficiency
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility May 2007

WHEREAS, energy costs to Vermonters are escalating rapidly and,
WHEREAS, efficiency and conservation offer the most immediate relief from those costs and,
WHEREAS, our reliance on fossil fuels has negatively impacted our environment
WHEREAS, we want to encourage the development of renewable energy sources,
WHEREAS, the Energy Bill, H.520, will advance energy conservation and support the development of renewable energy for Vermont,
WHEREAS, investment in energy solutions today will return significant public returns for years to come,
WHEREAS, the programs contained in H.520 are based on proven models and sound economic principles,

We, leaders of successful and innovative Vermont businesses, call upon Governor Douglas  to ensure that the programs in H.520 are immediately implemented and funded.

  1. Adagio Trattoria, Brattleboro
  2. Adiwasi, Brattleboro
  3. Altiplano, Brattleboro
  4. Amalia Elena Veralli Photography, Warren
  5. Amy's Bakery Arts Café', Brattleboro
  6. Andy Robinson Consulting, Plainfield
  7. At the Oasis,Brattleboro
  8. Backside Café, Brattleboro
  9. Balancing Changes, Burlington
  10. Barry Callebaut USA LLC, St., Albans
  11. Baskets Bookstore, Brattleboro
  12. Bast Corp, Brattleboro
  13. Beadnicks, Brattleboro
  14. Bear Code LLC, Montpelier
  15. Bear Pond Books, Montpelier
  16. Ben & Jerry's, S. Burlington
  17. Benefit Design & Strategies, LLC., Burlington
  18. Blackwood & Danon, Burlington
  19. Book Garden, Montpelier
  20. Boomerang, Brattleboro
  21. Brattleboro Bicycle Shop, Brattleboro
  22. Brattleboro Books, Brattleboro
  23. Building for Social Responsibility, Statewide- Over 100 members
  24. Building Green, Brattleboro
  25. Burak, Anderson & Melloni, PLC, Burlington
  26. Burlington Currency Project, Burlington
  27. Business Culture Consultants, Burlington
  28. Café Lotus, Brattleboro
  29. Carris Reels, Rutland
  30. Chroma Technology, Rockingham
  31. Community Hydro, Plainfield
  32. Conant Custon Brass, Inc, Burlington
  33. Danforth Pewterers, Middlebury
  34. Delectable Mountain, Brattleboro
  35. Deppe, Susan Leigh, MD, Colchester
  36. Dosolutions Inc., Brattleboro
  37. E.F. Pizza, Inc., Putney
  38. Earth Turbines, Hinesburg
  39. Elizabeth Faize Catering, Putney
  40. Equal Grounds Café, South Royalton
  41. Erickson's Consulting, Warren
  42. E-solutions, Putney
  43. Everyone's Books, Brattleboro
  44. Fair Winds Farm, Brattleboro
  45. Focal Point Advisory Services,  Jericho Center
  46. Forward Thinking Consulting, Brattleboro
  47. Gardener's Supply, Burlington
  48. Goddard College, Plainfield
  49. Granger Real Estate, PLLC, Newfane
  50. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Waterbury
  51. Green Mountain Music Together, Stowe
  52. Green Solutions, Williston
  53. groSolar, White River Junction
  54. Heroes Kingdom, St. Albans
  55. Hugg A Planet, Essex Junction
  56. In the Moment, Brattleboro
  57. Jason Cooper Management, Inc., Brattleboro
  58. Jeff Farber Productions, Middlesex
  59. Jeffrey Wallace DentalPutneyJ
  60. Jubilee Farm, Hinesburg
  61. Kenzer Furniture, Putney
  62. Keyworth Graphics, Huntington
  63. L&L Valuations, Inc., Cambridge
  64. Law Office of James Marc Leas, S. Burlington
  65. Liberty Head Post and Beam, Huntington
  66. LineSync Architecture, Wilmington
  67. Main Street Landing, Burlington
  68. Maple Leaf MusicBrattleboro
  69. Marketing Partners, Inc., Burlington
  70. Meg Smith & Co., Charlotte
  71. Merrill Lynch, Burlington
  72. Merritt & Merritt & Moulton, Burlington
  73. Michael Beh Design and Construction, Westminster
  74. Microdesign Consulting, Colchester
  75. Middlebury Electric., Goshen
  76. Mocha Joe's Roasting Company, Brattleboro
  77. Moles Eye Café, Brattleboro
  78. Mountain Paul's General Store, Putney
  79. Nathaniel Group, Vergennes
  80. NeighborWorks® Alliance of Vermont, Burlington
  81. New Chapter, Inc., Brattleboro
  82. New Leaf CSA, Brattleboro
  83. Northshire Bookstore, Manchester
  84. NRG Systems, Hinesburg
  85. Penelope Wurr Glass, Putney
  86. Peterson Consulting, Inc.,Burlington
  87. Pink House Studios, Inc., St. Albans
  88. Progressive Asset Management, Pawlet
  89. Rail Travel Putney, Putney
  90. realeditor, Putney
  91. REimaginations, Marshfield
  92. Reiss Buildings and Renovation, Hinesburg
  93. Renew Building Materials and Salvage, Brattleboro
  94. Renewable Energy Vermont, Montpelier
  95. ReVisions, LLC., Burlington
  96. Richmond Energy Associates, Richmond
  97. Riverwalk Records, Montpelier
  98. Robson Bilgen Architects, Hancock
  99. Salaam, Montpelier
  100. Sam's Department Stores, Brattleboro
  101. Sanford/Strauss Architects, Warren
  102. Sarah Forbes Design, Williston
  103. Save the Corporations from Themselves, Brattleboro
  104. Selection Unlimited, S. Burlington
  105. Seventh Generation, Inc., Burlington
  106. Shadow Productions,Burlington
  107. Sleeping Lion Associaties, Montpelier
  108. Small Dog Electronics, Waitsfield/South Burlington
  109. Solar Applications, Brattleboro
  110. Solar Works, Inc., Montpelier
  111. Solari Communications, Essex
  112. Solhem Sauna, Duxbury
  113. Spike Advertising, Burlington
  114. Spring Hill Solutions, Burlington
  115. Sprout Natural Parenting, Brattleboro
  116. Stephanie Lahar & Associates, Montpelier
  117. Sun Catcher, Corinth
  118. Sunnyside Solar, Inc., Guilford
  119. Sven and Friends Marketing, Putney
  120. Swirl, Putney
  121. Synergy Learning, Brattleboro
  122. T.J. Boyle and Associates, Burlington
  123. Tad Montgomery and Associates, Brattleboro
  124. The Book Cellar, Brattleboro
  125. The Clark Group, Montpelier
  126. The Darcy Group, Ltd., Burlington
  127. The Design Group, Warren
  128. TLC Restorations, Putney
  129. Tom Northrop Builders, Huntington
  130. Truex Cullins Architects, Burlington
  131. Tugce, Inc., Putney
  132. Twice Upon a Time, Brattleboro
  133. Twin State Renewables, White River Junction
  134. Ultimate Impressions, Brattleboro
  135. UPC Wind LLC, St. Johnsbury
  136. Verde for Garden and Home, Brattleboro
  137. Vermont Butter and Cheese, Websterville
  138. Vermont Digital Productions, Putney
  139. Vermont Foodbank, Barre
  140. Versatile Home Improvements, Warren
  141. Washington Electric Coop., East Montpelier
  142. Watercourse Way, Brattleboro
  143. Wellness & Environmental Associates, Underhill
  144. Wellness Resources of Vermont, Fairfax
  145. William Maclay Architects & Planners, Warren
  146. Windham Wines, Brattleboro
  147. Yellow Barn, Putney
  148. Yestermorrow, Waitsfield
  149. Zephyr Design, Brattleboro

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