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Economic Vitality and Sustainability

The keys to successful economic development in Vermont are: 

  • growing existing businesses, and
  • attracting new businesses that have a commitment to the state.

We have an extraordinary workforce, a high quality of life, beautiful open spaces and a clean environment, and we need to retain these marketing advantages.

Read more about VBSR's work on Economic Vitality and Sustainability.

Energy, Transportation, and Telecommunications

When making decisions about energy and transportation, we also need to think about the long-term health and welfare of our society and our environment.  Ultimate success requires that we:

  • move away from a carbon-fueled energy and transportation economy,
  • move toward renewable and local sources of energy,
  • take aggressive action regarding climate change, and
  • commit to being the first climate-neutral state in the country.

Read more about VBSR's work on Energy, Transportation, and Telecommunications.

Environment, Agriculture and Land Use

A healthy environment is essential to a strong economy. VBSR supports:

  • enforcement of existing environmental laws to protect our natural environment,
  • wise land use decisions in order to maintain open space, and
  • development built on a human scale that encourages less-polluting forms of transportation.

Read more about VBSR's work on Environment, Agriculture and Land Use.

Health Care

VBSR supports universal access to health care that is accessible and affordable. By reforming our health care system, Vermont could take a leadership role in business attraction, retention, and success.

Read more about VBSR's work on Health Care.

People and Communities

A successful economy requires healthy and vibrant people and communities.  Employees cannot be dedicated and productive if they have concerns about the care of their children, the health of family members, discrimination, or affordable housing. Business has a vital role to play in supporting people and communities.

Read more about VBSR's work for People and Communities.

Public Financing

The public plays an important role in making sure that systems are in place that support people, communities and natural resources. These services are critical to ensuring a strong and vibrant economy.

Read more about VBSR's work on Public Financing. 

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