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VBSR Letter to Vermont House on H.99, Equal Pay Bill

by Andrea on Mar 24th, 2013

VBSR Position on H. 99
Equal Pay and Workplace Protections

Dear Representative:
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility asks that you vote in support of H. 99 which proposes to clarify and strengthen existing laws regarding equal pay and the prohibition of discrimination in employment, and to ensure that employees can request flexible work schedules without fear of retaliation.

It is hard to believe that in this day and age that nationally, women only earn 78 percent of what their male counterparts earn.  We are only doing slightly better in Vermont at 84 percent.  We need to do better by our citizens and our families.

The changing economy has also continued to put new demands on employers and employees which require more nimble workplaces and open conversation about business and employee needs.  We need to foster work environments where workers may request flexibility in schedules, where employers have the right to respond in the best interest of their business, and where there is no fear of reprisal. Families have changed, the workforce and the economy have changed, and our labor and workforce policies need to keep up.

We support the passage of policy that protects the rights of business while supporting the needs of families.  We need to educate both employers and employees about policies and practices that can be mutually beneficial.

We ask that you support H. 99.

Thank you,  
Andrea Cohen, Executive Director
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

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