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LineSync Architecture Wins International Award for Wheel Pad

by LineSync Architecture on Mar 14th, 2017

Wheel Pad is a 200 sq.ft. accessible bedroom and bathroom that can be attached to an existing home. It is an affordable, eco-friendly non-toxic, immediately available living space offering privacy, and supporting the independence of individuals with mobility issues.  (Temporary and Permanent models available.)

Link to jury comments, also copied below for convenience: 

This is the first international award for Architect, Joseph Cincotta, and LineSync Architecture, a 11 person firm in the one-stop-light historic village of Wilmington, Vermont.

Wheel pad in U.S.A. by LineSync Architecture

This project by LineSync Architecture, will support and enhance the lives and well-being for those who have lost mobility due to accident, illness or aging. Wheel Pad offers a supportive environment, while still importantly allowing a level of independence and privacy for the person in need. This remarkable temporary project can be attached to nearly any existing home through a backdoor or by removing the sill wall of a window. Appreciating the social impact of this project Marta commented: “A very original use of proposal with possibilities of having a great social impact to improve the living conditions of people with reduced mobility.“

Providing eco-friendly temporary accessible housing for people with mobility issues, Wheel Pad allows friends and/or family to give support until a more permanent and accessible housing solution is attained. With a mobile chassis base, Wheel Pad does not trigger zoning nor permit issues in most areas in the United States.

Wheel Pad allows for easy travel from the bedroom to bathroom and was crucial in the design strategy. An integrated patient lift track adds another option for accessibility and some physical therapies. The pragmatic angling of the track dynamically enhances the space. This, and the strategically located glazing, makes the room feel more expansive. A pair of extension cords fully powers the space with heating, lighting, hot water and a waste pump with all control switches at wheelchair height. Water is supplied via an insulated Pirit Hose from the existing home. A black water tank can be pumped out like an RV, or easily attached to the existing home waste pipe system.

Recognising the thought out design elements, Adam shared: “I think that this project is incredible as it is led by life, or someone who has had an unfortunate accident, but nothing about this space speaks of being patronising or being sympathetic, it is completely appropriate in treating you like a human being.” Agreeing whole-heartedly with Adam, Jon said: “I couldn’t have said it better myself. Things like this can come across as very clinical and under-considered, even sterile. This is a home and it’s appropriate for different people, from young to old, its style isn’t overly contemporary it’s just right. “Following on from Jon’s comments Adam declared: “It’ll give people back their independence. It’s doing a noble and wonderful thing. Very clever.”...

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