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FAQs About the Mobile App

Frequently Asked Questions about VBSR's Local First Vermont Mobile App

Where can I get the app?

You can download the LFVT mobile app at no charge from the App Store or Google Play. Search for Local First Vermont and look for the orange square and maple leaf.

iphone = App store;  Android = Google Play  


How do I activate coupons?

There is a fee to activate the coupons.  Click the green bar that says “Activate Coupons.” That will take you to a payment page.


How much does the app cost?

$20 to activate all 230+ coupons.

NOTE:  If you own a 2015-16 Buy Local Book (printed), you can activate the app for just $10 using the 8-character code on the back of the printed book (lower right).


How do I use the $10 OFF coupons in the book for the mobile app?

You actually don’t use the paper coupon. Instead, you will use the 8-character code on the back of the printed book (lower right).  Download the app, Click the green bar that says “Activate Coupons,” and enter the code during checkout. The code can be used only once.


What if I forget to use the code?

Sorry, if you have a book and a code, you will need to remember to use the code before activating the coupons to get the discounted rate.


How do I redeem a coupon?

Click the green bar that says “Redeem Coupon.”  You will see a Caution screen reminding you to show the screen to the cashier or authorized employee to apply the discount. Each coupon can only be used once;  the coupon will be marked as “Already Redeemed” after it has been used and can not be used again.


What if I redeem a coupon accidentally?

Sorry, that’s what the Caution screen is for. If you do this at the business, you can show the merchant your redeemed coupon. The redemption date is in the maroon bar at the top, and if it matches today’s date, they may choose to honor the coupon.


How do I sort coupons?

The default sorting option is distance from your current location. To change this, click the “hamburger,” three horizontal lines next to the search window in the upper right corner of the app.  This will give you three options for sorting: 

  • distance (from your current location)
  • keyword (based on words in the name and description of the business)
  • name (alphabetical by the name of the business)


How can I find all the coupons in a specific town?

Enter the name of the town or county in the search window. NOTE:  You can also search by county for 3 counties: Addison, Chittenden and Washington.


Can I sort the coupons to be in the same order as the printed book?

YES!  Use the “hamburger” to sort by name. Then in the search window, type in the name of the county to see all the coupons in that section listed in alphabetical order.


What if I lose my phone?

You’re sad, but you can still use the app!  Just download the app on another mobile device and login using your original username and password. The app will reload on this new device.


What if I forget my password?

Click “Forgot your password? Press here to login via email” on the login page, and you’ll get an email with a link and button to login to the app.


Where can I change my password?

Click the Settings icon on the bottom of the app. Enter the new password and click Save.


I purchased the app and have used it, so why does the green bar suddenly say Activate Coupons?

The app may have been updated in which case you’ll need to login again.  Just click “Settings” and login again.


NOTE:  If you still have questions, please contact

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