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About Us


Local First Vermont members are local business owners, professionals, non-profit leaders and government representatives who are committed to preserving the character and prosperity of Vermont's economy, community networks  and natural landscape. 


Our mission is to preserve and enhance the economic, human, and natural vitality of Vermont communities by promoting the importance of purchasing from locally owned independent businesses. We achieve this through education of citizens, businesses and local governments.


We envision a robust and sustainable economy fueling vibrant communities, built (in part) on the cornerstone value and practice of buying local first.



Strengthen the Bottom Line 

To increase the purchase of products, supplies, and services of locally owned independent businesses. 

Create a Brand

To create a well-defined, easily recognizable Local First Vermont  brand that stands for: serving local customers’ tastes and owners’ preferences, spending monies locally, carrying a higher percentage of locally made goods, and providing unique goods and services that contribute to the nature and character of Vermont.

Increase Public Awareness

To educate the community about the benefits of supporting locally owned businesses and purchasing local products and services.  In other words, helping community members to view themselves as citizens first and consumers second.  Part of this process will be to engage Vermont communities in active dialogue about our future --will it be our town or any town?

Advocate for Local Businesses

To develop a diverse network of entrepreneurs, non-profit and community members committed to our mission. Local First Vermont works to advocate for community-wide support of local businesses, speaks to the concerns of independent businesses and encourages further diversification of the independent business base in response to local market imperatives.



  1. Organize Local First Vermont initiatives that raise the awareness of consumers, businesses, and government agencies regarding the benefits of purchasing from locally owned businesses. 
  2. Bring together independent businesses and other “buy local” organizations for education, networking and mutual support opportunities.
  3. Support Vermont legislation that promotes locally-owned businesses.



Wendy Wilson - Local First Vermont Program Manager

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility
255 South Champlain Street, Suite 11
Burlington, VT 05401

Phone: (802) 862-8347

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