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Nominating Committee

About the Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee consists of up to seven people elected by the Board of Directors. The Commitee manages all aspects of board elections and the selection of the awardee for the Terry Ehrich Award for Excellence in Socially Responsible Business. 

Election Process for VBSR Board of Directors:

  • Every year a “Call for Nominations” is sent to all VBSR members. In most years the Call for Nominations is sent out in early September. However, nominations may be accepted at any time. 
  • In addition, the Nominating Committee identifies, solicits and nominates a diverse array of nominees, and is proactive in seeking nominees from underrepresented groups. 
  • Information on each nominee is gathered via a NOMINATION FORM to aid in the goal of maintaining a diverse, engaged, and committed Board of Directors for VBSR.
  • The Nominating Committee meets to consider the nominations. The Committee looks for a demonstrated commitment to the mission and principles of VBSR, as well as to the organization itself, and optimum board diversity based upon a balance of the following factors (the Committee may conduct interviews to aid in review of the listed factors):
  1. geographic location
  2. company size
  3. business sector
  4. gender
  5. skills and interests
  • By late fall, for "traditional" board seats, the Committee creates a list of nominees to recommend to the full board, which can then approve or change the slate.
  • For "at-large" nominations, the Nominating Committee presents every name submitted after confirming the individual is in a decision-making position at a for-profit member company.
  • Once the board approves the slate of nominees, a ballot with brief biographies is sent to all VBSR members.
  • Members vote by ballot in the fall for terms beginning January 1st. Election ballots should be submitted to VBSR within 21 days of being released to the membership.
  • The Nomination Form may be submitted at any time during the year for review by the Nominating Committee at a scheduled Committee meeting. If there are unfilled Board positions, the Nominating Committee may review and forward nominations to the Board of Directors for its review at a scheduled meeting. The Board may appoint directors to unfilled board positions at any scheduled meeting.

For more information about serving on the nominating committee, please contact Roxanne Vought or or at (802) 862-8347.

Nominate someone for the Board of Directors

Selection Process for Terry Ehrich Awardee:

  • Every year a "Call for Nominations" is sent to all VBSR members. In most years the Call for Nominations is sent out in February.
  • Nominations for the award are reviewed by the Nominating Committee and judged on specific criteria with recipients approved by the full board. 


Nominating Committee Members

Name Company

Avram Patt (Nominating Committee Chair)


Michael Burak

Burak Anderson & Melloni

Yola Carlough


Ken Merritt

Merritt & Merritt



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