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Special Offers for BEA Businesses

Special offers to Business Energy Action Participants

The following are offers made to BEA participants by energy services provders. These are intended to help BEA businesses reach their goal of a 5% reduction. 

All Earth Renewables

No-Cost Solar Program for VBSR Businesses

AllEarth Renewables has initiated a program to offer to VBSR businesses where we will install our Vermont-made solar trackers at no cost and fix your lease payment below its production benefit, so you get 10% of the solar power for free. 

If your business has an electric bill of $15,000 a year or more, you demand enough electricity that we’ll build you a solar project for your business for no cost.  All we need for a successful project is access to nearby electric lines and ¾ of an acre or more of open space.  With this unique program using a locally designed and manufactured product, you will then have an option to buy the system for 45% of its original value after 7 years.

If you don’t have any of your own open land and you are a larger electric consumer of $40,000 a year or more, we’ll even work to locate a solar farm site and net meter it to your facility from afar.

We’re pleased to have great business customers like Small Dog Electronics, Concept 2, Vermont Hard Cider Company, American Flatbread, Smuggler’s Notch, and Merchants Bank, among others.  And we hope you’ll be next to join us. 

If you are interested in hearing more about this program, please visit or give Caleb at AllEarth Renewbales a call at 802-872-9600 x 122. 

Let us help you achieve your goals of people, planet and profits, all in one!


Building Energy

We would love to be able to help inprove the efficiency of BEA participants. We are a full service energy retrofit company from the audit process, reinsulation to renewable energy. I would like to extend a 10% discount on any commercial audits and any retrofit work done as a result of the audits. We are also looking to work with any commercial companies who want to supplement their electrical usage with solar. We have already installed PV systems on businesses like Luenig's, Davis Hodgkin,, and Office Environments.

Common Sense Energy

Common Sense Energy (CSE) would like to offer taking the actions of BEA beyond the benchmarking and on the phone consulting. We would offer at no cost to perform a site visit to participating business partners once thermal and electrical benchmarking is completed. 

We would perform the following at no cost for Chittenden County Businesses: (fee of $200-$500 for others depending on distance from Burlington)

  • Meet with facility manager or owner to ascertain what their goals are.
  • Identify areas for reducing energy use to a much greater degree than can be done via phone conversation.
  • Perform a cursory infrared scan of the facility.
  • Report on suggested areas for energy improvements.

To VBSR members and BEA participating businesses we would then offer the following services for hire:

  • Offer our services to further investigate areas where the business is interested in moving forward with energy efficiency measures.
  • Offer our services to implement or facilitate the execution of the energy improvements.
  • Help navigate the rebate process.
  • Perform energy maintenance services which include continuous benchmarking, implement energy maintenance measures as appropriate during transition periods between heating and cooling and vice versa.
  • Help facilitate behavior changes to reduce energy use while maintaining business operations.

Energy Co-op of Vermont

Our Co-op Solar program is designed to make solar hot water heaters simple to install and affordable to purchase. In many situations, Co-op Solar systems pay for themselves through lower heating oil and propane use.

We are please to offer a free solar site assessment to BEA project businesses in our service area- Chittenden County, northwestern and central Vermont.

To sign up for your free solar site assessment, and for more information about Co-op Solar, our service area, how Co-op Solar works and what it costs, go to

Vermont Energy: Contracting and Supply Corp

Vermont Energy offers design, installation, and service of energy efficient mechanical systems for homes and businesses throughout Chittenden County.  We work with the latest in heating, cooling and air quality systems and would offer to all VBSR members up to 3 hours of consulting time to evaluate their situation.  Please feel free to call or email with any questions or comments.

Mark Stephenson
(802) 373-9048


Champion Members!

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