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Business Energy Action







The Challenge:

Reduce your energy consumption by a target of 5% annually for 3 years.


Enhance your triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. Reducing your energy consumption is not only good for the environment- it will save your business money. In 2011 alone, Efficiency Vemont saved 108,000 MWh of electrical usage through efficiency measures, which lowered Vermonter's energy bills to the tune of $101.5 million. This correlates to an actual emissions reduction of 790,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide! Concurrently, in 2011 Burlington Electric Department saved 8,239 MWh, reducing emissions by 54,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide.  In 2011,  customer participation in Vermont Gas Systems' programs resulted in 1,110,810 ccf of natural gas savings; these savings will eliminate 6,300 tons of carbon dioxide per year for the next two decades. Whether through technological changes or behavioral changes, energy reduction is the right thing to do.


We just closed enrollment for this year. If you are interested in participating in the next round, please follow this Link to the BEA enrollment survey.


Business Energy Action will support your business through education and technical support. Working with partners Efficiency Vermont, Burlington Electric Department, Vermont Fuel Dealer's Association, and Vermont Gas Systems, your business will find innovative ways to reduce your energy consumption- whether you are a farm, a manufacturing facility, a retail outlet, an office, or anything in-between.


Aside from efficiency improvements themselves, all business participants will be publicly recognized for taking the challenge. Participating businesses will get public recognition at special events and in the news releases. Businesses who achieve the best results and best reductions in energy usage will receive special recognition & publicity. Additionally, throughout the challenge, BEA will regularly highlight participating businesses through social media and other communications.

Getting Started:

The first step towards participating is filling out a short enrollment survey, which gives us information about your businesses' baseline energy usage. We will follow up with you shortly afterwards to collect your business' energy data to create your benchmark.


Special thanks to the offices of Senator Sanders and Senator Leahy for providing funding for the Business Energy Action Program.


For technical information, visit our technical tips page.


For BEA frequently asked questions, please click here.

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