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What We Do

Our Work

Public Policy 

VBSR 's legislative team works actively to influence public policy at the state and national level. Our full-time lobbyist works with members, legislators, coalition partners, and government officials on issues of interest to small and large business. Our recent work has involved:

  • sustainable economic development
  • health care reform
  • energy efficiency and development of renewable energy
  • support of the Vermont brand and quality of life
  • social justice

Our Public Policy Blog and policy Issues page outline our current work.


We hold two major conferences a year and many smaller educational gatherings.  The emphasis of much of our educational work is on sharing knowledge about how to run a multiple bottom line company, and supporting businesses in their efforts to respect the environment, support their employees, and be partners in the health of the wider community. We also provide many concrete resources to help our members make their businesses more socially responsible.


VBSR works to facilitate the exchange of information between our members, but we also work to promote business between members, and encourage the growth of a vital socially responsible economy. All of our events include time for informal mixing and networking. Members share information about which ideas have worked well, and which haven't, as they work to run their businesses with multiple bottom lines. They also have the chance to make business connections with other VBSR members, and to simply socialize with like-minded business people.

Want to make your business more visible to other members, as well as the general public? Check out our sponsorship opportunities.

Intern Program

The Vermont Intern Program hosted by VBSR assists our member businesses in recruiting, screening, and placing business interns.  We are connected with 19 Vermont colleges and directly to over 600 students so we can ensure a good match.  More information can be obtained from the Intern Program page.

Champion Members!

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